Damaged Souls Poem by Just Ruby

Damaged Souls

They call our kind "Damaged souls" Damaged why? Because we have a dark past? Because someone we once cared made us feel unloved?

I prefer the word Survivor, Fighter, Reborn. Damaged is something that's broken and can't be repaired so you throw it away. But our hearts Are repairable, all we need is that one person that knows what it feels to be hurt to be trashed to be talked down to, to be abused it takes that one strong person that believes in love no matter what pain they have Been through because of that wrong person we chose to love. You see people say love is a pain but that's not true love is beautiful love is breathtaking loves is what keeps the world going. Is the people we choose to love that hurt us. But once you finally find the right person that's when you realize that love isn't pain. That's when you realize you are not a damaged soul because love conquers all love repairs all wounds love is love and love will always be amazing when shared with the right person. We are not Damaged souls we are Reborn lovers despite's of all our wounds we love harder when loved correctly.

Crayon Poet 02 September 2018

'We love harder when loved correctly.' This should tantalize the wise among unmarried people, yep.

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