Damn The Tory Regime And All Who Sail In It… Poem by Adrian Wait

Damn The Tory Regime And All Who Sail In It…

To you, Justice is a Joke
Truth and Integrity a weakness
Bloated in your own wisdom
Gloating to have the people hamstrung
Bewildered, confused, and fearful
Sowing distraction and division
You preen to stand justice on its head
Mocking justice with abandoned ease
Riding high, riding so very high in pride
Your propagandist too cowardly to revolt
Like a pack of bloodthirsty wolves
They attack any signs of resistance
Unmercifully they crucify the truth
Descending like vultures to consume
Any signs of opposition mocked
Arrogant, Indifferent, lusting for more
Brazen in your sin, calling might your god
So wise in your own eyes, almost invincible
Your evil not content to swallow up the poor
You mock them has they weep and fall
You are truly the personification of evil
Uncaring, unmoved you feign concern
Swiftly moving to your next act of treachery
Will justice be blind and voiceless forever?
How long will your evil sit upon the throne
Whilst justice and hope are on the gallows,
Hope dares to believe that the arc of our
Moral universe is long it bends toward justice
For such arrogant pride ends in destruction
Such callous indifference bloated self-importance
Witness the feral establishment so full of themselves
Strutting the stage neck deep in yourselves, smug
What does it profit them to gain the world…
But lose their Souls, for riches don't last
Cemeteries are filled with rich forgotten men
Like death, they always wanted more, let it be
Perdition road they travel, oblivion their destination
Love of money deceives it ends in death, nothingness
Who did they think they were, rich in corruption?
Lying Liars lie sinking in their rotten cesspits
Who did you think you were in your emperor's new clothes?
New clothes? In ruining others they ruined themselves
Building their empires on corruption and lies rotted your soul
They thought they were having the time of their life.
But, yard-by-yard, and link-by-link they girded their chains
Nothing to them but surface, nothing on the inside, soulless
Making gods of themselves and their riches…all is Vanity.

Adrian Wait:

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