Dance Poem by Tony Pitman


See little babes on the floor,
Moving limbs in time with tempo.
Automatically relating to music,
Not taught, naturally driven.

Dance is part of our fabric,
The first form of language;
Conveying joy and excitement;
Reflexes responding to rhythm.

Why is the gift discarded,
Not nurtured and encouraged?
Apart from exceptions rare,
Dance abandoned before seven.

What is lost by neglect,
To be realised with regret?
Opportunity to express ourselves,
In a way universally recognised.

Not a question of form or training,
Except to help ease of movement.
Watch the child and understand,
The thrill that dance commands.

Magical moments.

Heavenly music, heavenly sounds;
Flashing smiles, flashing feet;
Rhythmic movements, rhythmic beat;
Happy couples, happy groups.

Dance to fill and lift the heart;
Dance to dispel all worldly woes;
Dance to share a common tongue.
Dance to express the inner self;
Dance to forget the aches and pains;
Dance to stimulate the brain.
Dance to give expression to feelings;
Dance to set the spirit free.


Nothing special, quite plain
Spanish lady out with friends.
Rhythm changes, gets up to dance
Blossoms out with beauty and grace.

Little man, shapelessly formed
Withered hand carried from birth.
Natural dancer, Tango his passion
Displaying his lady in Latin fashion.

Old couple, look in their nineties
Hobble along, wife holding tightly.
Transformation when they dance
Lithe and loose with elegance.

Dance stripping away masks
Unburdened the heart free to prance.
Dance the universal language
Gift from birth all are given.

Draw of dance

What draws people to dance?
Well those who take the chance.
Watch their movements, hear them talk
In their way they'll tell you if you listen.

Ballroom dancers learn to move
Like acting a role in a play.
Their steps and patterns may differ
But the intention is to tell a story.

Sequence dancers have different approach
More test of brainpower than movement.
Scores of new dances to learn every year
Need leaders to show which dance is next.

Then there is dancing from the heart
An expression of feelings the music brings forth.
The Latins in particular have this gift
Watch Mediterranean people at this pursuit.

The base for the rhythms of this dancing
Can be seen if watched closely.
Viennese waltz for German folk,
Pasadobla style the Spanish choice.
Sometimes this passion is at the extreme
Only tango danced in Buenos Aires.

No fool like a old fool

The joy of dance enlivens the spirit,
Stimulates the mind, all aching reduces.
Motions of grace to tempos fine,
Lyrics of phrases that sometimes rhyme.

Partners in time or out of step,
Faces of frowns or teeth, full set.
Gliding or stumbling across the floor,
Struggling to recall that once taught.

Duos together like whirling Dervishes,
Unobstructed path or Dodgem skirmishes.
Intent on achieving the task that's set,
Round and round with gusto and zest.

Males and females dancing in pairs,
By invitation or pleasure, couple shared.
Custom of bloke requesting the dance,
Unfair really, lady's refusal causing offence.

Partners aplenty to whisk round the floor,
'Dance? ' 'Yes please', and so they cavort.
The shared attraction, the thrill of the dance,
No other motivation, no intent on romance.
But be aware, unexpected danger lurks,
A look or remark can change the sport.
The dance replaced by portentous desires
Unsought ‘beast with two backs' mugging the thoughts.

Those stirrings long buried, or so believed,
Lie under the surface, easily revealed.
Over three score and ten is no defence,
Teenage eagerness sweeps away sense.

The dance, the point of coming together,
Becomes the vehicle for different pleasures.
Meticulous planning to attain the goal,
Only succeeding when desired by both.

What a strange device the human form,
Procreation drive, unlikely able to perform.
Same thrills and expectancy experienced when young,
Same disappointment when signals misunderstood.

Embarrassed silly old sod, what's been achieved?
Joyful nights now ruined at this dance scene.
The impetuous pace of misguided chase,
An insult to beauty and movements of grace.
'No fool like an old fool', rings true,
But then again, ‘is there life in the old dog', too?

Dance starvation

Open air dancing a delight to watch;
Perfect environment for night-time spot.
Couples moving to music's beat;
Tile floor ideal for gliding feet.

But missing dancing company;
Free as the wind my spirit can be.
Common ground to meet and share;
The body's need to express itself.

To witness the dance is interesting,
But no comparison to participation.
Music beat sets the foot tapping,
But body movement brings true happiness.

Feather dance.

Never danced with someone so light;
Like holding a feather in my arms.
Effortlessly she follows the lead,
Complex or simple the steps with ease.

Body grace brings joy to the heart;
Such movement defying gravity.
Can't be real, too good to be true;
Must be an angel in feminine form.

Every type of dance brings no change;
The music interpreted fluently.
The mood conveyed with Thespian art;
The story conveyed playing her part.

Hard to believe she's never been trained,
Balance and poise coming naturally.
A dancing delight in every way;
Some lucky chap a partner would make.

A night dancing.

Great time dancing Tuesday night;
New venue for delights.
Two sisters who love to jig;
Not a single dance was missed.

Sequence dances of all forms;
Waltzes, Saunters, Latin types.
Most popular ones can now perform;
Know the steps, so move with style.

Came unstuck at Foxtrot time;
Not in tune with partner's style.
A dance difficult with someone new;
Different links to negotiate through..

Nice dance floor, plenty of space;
Good DJ, Rex by name.
Works at many single's venues;
Opportunity increase circle of chances.


Argentina Tango the dance for me
Must fix up lessons urgently
Sway to the music, bodies held close
Smoky bar venue after trip into town

Grimy and sweaty from the ride
Need a drink and woman to glide
Crouch into her as we move around
Can't stand the smell, her head to the side

Need a partner to fit the role
A Thespian to fill the part
Who to choose to give the honour?
Who would want to take me on?

Maybe Sue from Wednesday night
Melt the Ice-Queen with the drop
Likes the Latin and the Jive
Nothing to loose, I'll try invite

No harm in such a venture
Just keep to the dance, avoid danger
'Wait a minute, same intent as before'
'Look what mess you were landed in'

This time different again
Tango the aim, not romance
'Oh yeh! We'll see'
'This time next year report to me'

Wednesday dance.

Different kind of dancing at Chorley
Interesting crowd, more variety
Women with fascinating pasts
More than a dance, there's mystique

Gail the quiet one, drawn to me
Sue the skier, called Ice Queen
Janet the teacher with deep eyes
Christine the Jiver of mystery

Rex the DJ pulling the groupies
Solo Club expert, his appearances
Pretty good selection of CDs to play
Should do his experiments during the day

Dance floor quite small for Sequence
Two circles impossible without bumping
Facilities good and spotlessly clean
Good bar service and bowling green

When social calendar up for revue
Likely this one will remain
Near to home, less petrol to burn
Suspect more secretes to discover here

Thursday dance.

Thursday night dance at Denton
Labour Club at Crown Point
Eight till eleven is the norm
Two-fifty in, with the form

Crowd been going there for years
Yet welcoming to new beginners
Friendly bunch the Denton mob
But that's dancers normally view

There's Rose, Joan, Erica and Ann
Ready to jig with any willing man
Thrish, Meg, Joe and May
Ready to twirl the night away

Rumba, Tango, Waltzes and Jive
Select the partner that fits the style
Modern Foxtrot and step that's quick
Need experience to handle this

The night passes on with speed
Can't fit in enough for the need
As the witching hour approaches
Cram as many in as possible

Always a good night at this venue
Not distracted by other agendas
Concentrate all on the dancing
Never sit while music's live


Frenzied dancing to excess
Whirling, twirling, extreme zest
Can't sit still, must hit the floor
Night too short, need much more

Was it making up lost time?
Weeks devoid of dancing need
Use the space and the music
Express the shadow side of me

Was it to purge the picture of Sandra?
Erasing her from my heart's space
Rushing through the grieving stage
Can't wait for time's healing pace

What a selfish expression it was
No thought for my partner's care
Simply used for her style and grace
No consideration for her place

Must draw back and realise
Jean needs consideration in this flight
Not fair to use her in this way
Must make it up to her some day

Great it's Wednesday

Great, Wednesday dance tonight
Chance to lift the spirits high
Distracted from toil and woes
Free to express the inner core

Let the music play to start the stirrings
Body movements respond instinctively
No tiredness resulting from this exercise
Raising temperature, adrenalin surge

On and on the dancing goes
Seek partners with twinkle toes
Graceful or frantic, whatever movement
Expressing the music the only goal

No time to sit and chat
Venue wasted on all that
Partners pleasant and interesting
Encourage a bit of friendly flirting

Cha Cha

Come on Marian let yourself go
No inhibitions, no discomfiture
Let the music seep deep inside
Release your body to the tempo

Opportunity to set the child free
Unrestricted as was born to be
The Cha Cha giving permission
For the core's vital expressions

Come on Marian let yourself go
Or miss the opportunity bestowed
Choreography is just the form
Your true personality to adorn


Always there were Wallflowers at the dance
Girls who sat as their mates pranced
Week after week the same result
Still they continued to turn up

Men passed them over when partners sort
The plain left behind for pretty ones choice
Always sat in the same places
No opportunity to show their paces

Most strange of all
Some beautiful flowers on the wall
Men reluctant to make approach
Was it from fear of rejection?

The passage of time has made little difference
Even with emancipation the same situation
Women who sit for the whole night
Complaining not enough men about

Some exceptions are to be seen
Confident women doing the inviting
Using their right to break convention
Look, nod or a wink to show intention


Blissful, peaceful feeling of the morn
Breeze and sun my balcony adorn
Satisfying thrill of dance lingers
Evening to savour over and over

Good company, nice venue
Music perfect to dance to
Partner to share delights
Food for spirit to satisfy

French Jive

New venture with the dance
French Jive has come alive
Floor packed with gyrating couples
Moving to different music rhythms

Mixed age group gathered here
All engaged in evening's joy
This a dance with opportunity
Irrespective of natural ability

Sessions organised all-inclusive
Learners mixing with experienced
Tuition encompassing the mix
Mutual help does the trick

As the evening shadows fall
Free style expression to the fore
People who have danced for years
Put different styles on display

Now time to sit and watch
Incapable of joining in the fun
Real longing to be a part
Dearth of knowledge holds back

The music seeps into the core
Needing interpretation to bring forth
Frustration sets in, need to leave
Must curb impatience if to succeed

Nice surprise

Nice surprise the other night
At the venue Eve arrived
Many months since last we danced
The magical movement had survived

Of all the partners I've encountered
None glide so effortlessly
So easy to turn and sway
Like dancing with a feather

Music interpretation in tune
Synchronised as if together we'd trained
Right from the start it's been the same
Perhaps we danced in formative years

The Waltz is our favourite
Seem to float across the floor
Surreal in it's affect
Transported to Vienna

Only on rare occasions we should dance
Familiarity would break the trance
Technique and routine would dominate
Smothering this natural joy we create


The Spanish have invaded town
Drawn in groups having a ball
Here to celebrate romance and love
St Valentine's day to commemorate.

Young and old, most middle aged
Mediterranean temperament on display.
Boisterous and chatty is their way
Proud to proclaim why they're here.

Their dancing such joy to watch
Infectiously drawn to participate.
No Anglo Saxon stiff holding back
Spirits released as bodies sway.

No hesitation taking the floor
Packed full as bodies gyrate.
Latin rhythms, quick of foot
These are people who dance a lot.

No early night for this lot
Don't eat till nine then on the town.
Every space filled with dancers
On display, never ending romance.

Early morning

At last the sun's caressing my face
Sat comfy on my balcony
Early morning, family off to toils
Got this beautiful place to myself

Soothing caffeine, nicotine catch up
Birds singing their repertoire
Wild rabbits seeking tender greens
Pair of ducks on their annual sortie

Spirits uplifted by the scene
Little wonder Greeks prefer it to prosperity
Our very existence depends on this star
More importantly is its source of joy

Off to the Pop Club tonight for dancing
Enjoying new venue in Accrington
Fresh people to meet and have a laugh
Social scene satisfying requirements

Oh how I really love to dance
A wonderful way to restore sanity
That engaging happy child set free
Uninhibited like a bird on the wing

Thank you George and Joyce for the gift of dance
Patiently teaching the technique of movement
You provided the canvas and the paint
Giving my soul the means of expression

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