Alfred Barna

Dancing In The Twilight - Poem by Alfred Barna

Just like the wounded love of a battered child
Is twisted to accept the trauma of evil fare
The elites have tortured us, yet still they cruelly smile
Proclaiming their motherly need to take us in their care
As their foisted wars rip through our flesh and bone
They whisper their love for humanity with noble prizes
Their minion bankers calmly announce funding in fatherly tone
While behind the scenes prepare chaotic economic surprises
Prospering in the build of armies, whose clash widens disparity
Prospering all the more in clearing the rubble of dreams destroyed
How is it we still accept the treacherous news with attuned clarity
That it is the common man with which they have long toyed
Dancing in the twilight tonight…darling dear, hold me tight

Now with technologies, they brood to tamper
With properties of man and animal, and the biology of our passion
Hoping to achieve godhood, and for us like bugs to scamper
With drones they hope to remove all remorse and compassion
Will the capacity of all of man’s recklessness and hate
Now exceed the volume of our love, our charity, and our faith
Do we become a cyber-alter-ego opening a genetic gate?
For which will emerge something akin to a wretched wraith
Should we not work, with what we truly are?
Imperfect, yet able to be aware, of what is honest and just
Inherently know, that somehow, we have gone too far
And know when to make amends, becomes a must
Mind of a self-indulgent child, playing with tools of god
To see a disaster in the future isn’t hard
Dancing in the twilight tonight…darling dear, hold me tight

They say the past ways of family are dysfunctional relics, now sour
Promoting what was once evil, as good, what was good is now bad
To be cheating and cruel is the way to the upper echelons of power
And the mindset permeates all with scorn and apathy to be had
Celebration of a new age, where there is self-centered greed
To do onto others, is to do, and never let them get back receive
What’s to become of us, when we have sown a world with this seed?
A harvest with which there is no reaping, for emptiness is what you retrieve
We must bring in the things for which has made the world bloom
Bring again a spring from which quenches a thirst we have in our soul
Otherwise we send the clarion call for the bringer of world doom
We must reject the forces who seek to foment discontent, and gain control
Dancing in the twilight tonight…darling dear, hold me tight

Topic(s) of this poem: love

Form: Prose Poem

Poet's Notes about The Poem

What seems self evident.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, March 15, 2015

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