John Ackerman

Dark Apocalyptic Mortification

Dark Apocalyptic Mortfication

the summoning of angels to the front
briars of heavy moss blanket the exterior
we are left shuttering next to death
columns of blackened stench aroma personifies
evil torment with ever increasing fire flaming into the abyss
eyes with spots having holes
viscous long hanging fangs that bite dripping blood off side
you want to run away & hide but you can't
death's sting left you here all alone
Satan is here with flames of utter abolished poison in its asps
just to dip my finger in a tiny bit of water to quench my thirst
demonic dragons unleashed to the sonic pulse of radiating tremors
maggot infested sanctuary turned to terror
no escape of reality you are forever in its dark domain
screaming of sinners being plunged into the fire of ravaged torments
this was the place foretold by the prophets of old
I wasn't ready but now I'm here to suffer
first the strong blade of swords from demonic armor
piercing shrieks of tormented prisoners
those that believe the lie are here they thought they are what they do
skulls of the damned line its border
the scent of manure throughout the dominion
can't even gasp for air or even shed a single tear
caged in its barbaric torment over & over
ever increasing vile flesh being stripped naked into the flames
A dungeon filled with demonic wardens bearing gift of torment
Under the heavy expulsion of gross fragments of feces
this is a dark deranged place a place no one should go
I tried to bow my head to pray but it was too late
it was my torn fate to be here forever alone
cavity's of long horned creatures with sunken eyes
ghouls of montrous size digging into your flesh
with unbelievable gnashing, weeping & wailing
Jesus is not here, only this is the one we worshipped
he was once an angel ready for the kingdom yet
Satan let his pride get in the way
this is the one a blackened stench of death to behold
eyes of sulfur blackened fragments of piercing fangs
take me away hurry take me away I want to leave
Welcome to Hell!

Topic(s) of this poem: dark, hate

Poem Submitted: Sunday, August 20, 2017

Form: Free Verse

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