Quientin Hubbs

Darkness - Poem by Quientin Hubbs

Bright light that fades to black
An engulfing night that encompanses all who dare to enter
A lifeless land that expands beyond one’s imagination
The mind of God creating this land
The Darkness slowly fades as day breaks
Children of the night disappear into their secret places
Life breathes across the land and God’s hand waves and all is at peace.
But Darkness is there when we blink
When we avert our gaze too quickly
It gathers at the edges of consciousness, whispering
It scares the weak, but the strong are there to guide
So when darkness opens it’s palm and covers the sun the weak do not cower
For by the strength of God a new light of lesser power is there in the darkness
It’s radiant glow shields us from Darkness’ fatal grasp
But in the end we go to Darkness willingly our feet drag and we dread every step
But still Light pulls us away to a greater land of peace and happiness
But those who fall short of Light’s grasp
The Wicked and the Evil of heart and the Foul of tongue and the Deceitful of speech
Darkness gladly steals them away to his secret place where the children of the night gather
Darkness is greatest in the brightest light
So guard your heart those of great faith, for Darkness wants you.
Your light shines brighter than any other
And those of small faith take hope by the hand and embrace it
For in the darkest night your light shines bright.
Darkness disappears like dust in the wind as Light appears on the horizon
Birds play their fanfare heralding the arrival of Lights brilliant glow.
Though it seems that Darkness has died and gone away he hasn't
He lurks within Light.
He is the holder of fate the teller of tales
In the end, Darkness will have his due.
His deeds will be seen through the darkest veil
Though Light will shine Darkness will choke her
Light’s shine will become weak and Darkness will seem to hold the better hand
But as the last of Light’s glow is destroyed, she will be saved.
For as Darkness gathers his strength, his greatest weakness, will become his downfall
For the Strong have gathered Hope
With Hope they rise up and cast Darkness away
And when the end of all ends arrives, Darkness will be no more
For in the ultimate end Light shall prevail and join hands with Happiness and Hope
All will be at peace and all who are pure of heart will join them in their place of peace
And all will be good
The End

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, October 13, 2013

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