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Darling - Poem by Jourdyn Jones

And darling do you remember? Those long nights when lazy conversations, sloppy kisses, and intoxicated giggles filled the space of dreams and sleep. Those days when all we had was each other and plaid shirts. The rainy days spent reading our favorite books to each other, with baggy sweaters and cups of tea. 
With the winter came doubt and fear, threatening to seep into my mind, like the cold seeped through the thin walls, threatening to destroy all we had. I fought it, darling. For as long as I could. But soon, I succumbed to the doubt and fear with screamed accusations and tears.
I pushed, you pulled. You screamed 'Why? ! Why is this happening to us? ! ' Over the torrent of darkness that was taking us and ripping us to shreds. I dropped to my knees and screamed 'I hate you more than you could know! ' Ripping my vocal cords up, creating a mess of what could have been. 
Darling the long nights are longer, no lazy conversations, or sloppy kisses can save us now. I've mailed back your plaid shirts, and we're hopeless. 
The rainy days have lost their beauty, the pages of the book you so very loved are torn, the cups shattered, much like our hope. We're long gone darling. 
All the good times are faded memories that haunt me when the silence is too loud. 
I'm left with the question of where did we go wrong?  
Then I remember, with the winter came doubt and fear. Darling, do you remember?

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Poem Submitted: Monday, January 14, 2013

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