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Daughter To Mother - Poem by Jenay Brown

Dear Mother. I want to say I love you

I love you being there for me

I love you want to help me

But there is never enough light at the end of the tunnel

With a baby in the house

And your other daughter never go to school

With your son always getting headaches

I want to say thank you that you are there for me

Never let me down

Raises us to be who we want

Wants us to be free of everything

Le us do whatever

Tries to make it the best you can

Gives us advice about life

Gives us advice about getting older

Telling us everything is going to be okay

You know how rough it is for me to live without Scott

He was like my everything

I miss every second of everyday

But, I know with you there

I will get through it

I will have my own life soon


When I do get older

When I do live on my own

I will remember all the advice you gave me

The advice to get through life

I have a struggle in almost everything

I usually cant get out of bed

But, I know I have too

I have to get up and go to school

Even though sometimes

I should just give up

I never want to lose you

Like we lost Scott

We all miss him so much

He was the light at the end of our tunnels

He is watching us all grow up

He is still watching over all of us

We never have to give up

We all believe in each other

We all love each other

But Scott, he made everything better

He made us all happy

He made us all laugh

We love him each and everyday

Like I love you each and everyday

Even through we have each other

And we have out family

We may not have the best days

With us moving again

So much to be thankful for

We have so much here

We have so much to live for

So much to be thankful for

We may have to move

We may have to start new schools

But we will get through it

Mom I want to say

You are my Hero

You make everything better

We may have our ups and downs

But that's what life is

Its filled with ups and downs

We have a lot of down days

We don't really have any up days


We our family we will get through it

We will find our light again

We will find out happy place

If moving means we will be happy

Then let it be


You want the best for all of us

You want us to be happy

We don't care if we can't have everything we want

We know you are trying

But who you are and how you raised us Is amazing

With us kids not seeing our dad all the time

And your boyfriend being the way he is

You are the best mom anyone could ask for

We fight

We yell

We have our moments

You say just go live with your dad

But in the end you are always there

You love us with all your heart

You help us anytime we need

I know one day mom I will find my light again I

t just might take me sometime

Because mom

We all have a lot going on

We all have different things to do

We all struggles in our life right now

We don't want to bring everyone down

But sometimes

That tunnel with the light

Is looking dark and gray

I love you so much

The fact you raise us to be who we want

We listen to you (sometimes)

We never take the time to say we love you

But you know us kids do

It's hard to say

That I feel left out

Because every-time I ask something

You say no

But then when

One of the other kids do

You say yes

I'm the middle kid

My sisters the oldest

And my brothers the youngest

But that doesn't mean

I should get treated different


Me and you are both the middle child

I understand that

You and your sister didn't get along

But your younger brother and you did.

Mom we don't get along all the time

And the tunnel is fading away again

We need to find a place to stop and think

We need to find a way out of the tunnel

And one day we will

It might not be today

It might not be tomorrow

But we will

We all have hope

We all have all the love in the world

We are loved by friends and family

We never say we love each other

Even though we do

You know how much you mean to me

Even though I never want to be around.

I try my best to be happy

I try my best to smile

I try my best to be who I am

But then I

Just can't give up

I always want too

I try my best for you

You tell me I don't have too

But for me I have to be the best for you

You say that I can be the way I am

But I want to be better

I'm not gonna change

Not for anyone

I'll only change for me when I want to

And mom,

I just wanted to say thank you

Thank you for being here for me 24/7

Thank you for helping me

I just want to say I love you

And you mean everything me

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