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Daylight - Poem by Jeremy Rodgers

A tea kettle
and a bowl of soup,
we'll burn forever
if we fall down with the pope
why don't we just cover our heads, they say
and dull our silverware?
Don't you know what the Bible says
that 'some have crept in unaware'?
This is the battle-field
so let's give up to the Beast?
Lay our weapons down,
and come, join the feast?
'Eat and drink, for tomorrow we die'?
Don't you know what Revelation prophesies?
That Death and Hell and Starvation
follow the man with the bowed crucifix.
Oh, but he destroys plenty with peace,
that's what the angel told Daniel,
oh, yes, he really feasts
with all those stolen souls.
He boldly proclaimed
he was a Jesuit
let's take an oath
to kill who won't commit,
but it's suicide,
they really kill themselves
don't you know how many nuns have died,
hanging by ropes?
They teach you you have to suffer
to somehow please God,
but don't you know He suffered
to try to save us all?
But all the true Christians,
no matter where they go
will be persecuted,
and mostly by the pope,
6,000 pounds of gunpowder
was not enough to stop
King James and his translators
from bringing the Word of God
and 'there wouldn't have been a Civil War, if it wasn't for the popery'
they didn't want Abraham Lincoln
to side for Chiniquy
and you notice why the Union
still had some slave states
and the last causality
was when they killed the Protestant
so few are priests,
the rest are Jesuits.
They think they can take God out of Heaven
and put Him in a wafer
you can't be a priest
unless you have something to offer
but when Jesus died on the cross,
He said it was finished
yes, the Whore that came from Babylon
has made a lot of changes
those scrolls from Alexandria
have verses taken out
'His name does not appear LORD'
it cannot be found
God warns us what He'll do
to those who mess with His Word,
'hell hath enlarged herself'
to make more room.
And they think they can burn their sins off
in made-up purgatory
if people pray enough
and pay enough money
but 'now is the day of salvation'
they'll die in their idolatry
yes, God said not to make any graven image
even the likeness of Him
to bow down and worship
so they try to pretend
that there is no such Commandment
and it's not a sin.
They even blaspheme the 'Holy Father, '
God's most holy name
and say the priests can forgive you
if you confess to them.
Jesus is the only one
(actually a trinity)
who can ever in this universe
save us from our sins.
And yet they call themselves Jesus,
'Lo, here is Christ'
every pope believes that
he takes His place.
Why don't we just get out a sunburst
and worship him as Tammuz
why even pretend their Christian,
when Catholic means 'mixture'
of Babylon religion
and false Christianity
won't many come in His name
and say that they know Him?
Oh, you cannot be saved
unless you 'abide with the ship'.
They're clinging on sinking idols
with pillars of quicksand,
Oh, the house won't be divided,
or else how can it stand?
There's even a computer named 'The Beast'
with all of our names
and all these little chips
of 'technology'
'You can't buy or sell without the mark'
oh, I wonder what that could mean!
and they were cast in the lake of fire
that had the number of his name.
Can you believe there's a missile
out there called 'Wormwood'
that'll turn the seas bitter
and then comes the blood.
'Pray that you'll be accounted worthy
to escape the hour of temptation'
but let's still be willing
to die to persuade them.
Even Adolf Hitler
thought he was doing well,
'purifying the church, '
killing all the Jews
the pope signed a contact
saying he could do it
but their twisted cross
almost nearly blew it.
And few people know
that the Islam religion
is merely a front
for the Catholic superstition
they even had a nun
go and marry Muhammad
her and her uncle
did the translations
when Muhammad himself
thought they were demons
and in the Coran
he even mentions
that he doesn't know
if he's going to Heaven
but they got so big
with their violence and their wives
that they said, 'So long, suckers'
and waved their mam goodbye
they still plan to defeat Jerusalem
but all in good time.
Even our 'big brother'
cannot be trusted
look at the back of a dollar
and read the fine print
yes, 'In God we trust'
under the satanic eye,
13 lodge levels
until you reach 'the light'
One world order,
the official U.S. seal
put all of the churches
in the Devil's triangle
but he'll never make the pyramid
because 'pride cometh before a fall'
So let's turn away from his plans
his 'Once saved, always saved'
onto the narrow path
that's our only escape
yes, we all have a chance
'if we run and do not faint.'

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