Dear Dream Don't Die Poem by Teacher Kevin

Dear Dream Don't Die

Dear dream, dear my dream, keep hope alive
For most times you wonder if you'll really survive,
You worry all the time if really the future is bright
Why do you worry yet the far end is white
The tall men around us have seen the light

You keep questioning what am still doing here
As if everyone has the future so near
Am wasting your time but forgive me my dear
The journey is so rough that I must change the gear
Patience pays, I think the wise men were clear

Why complaining yet you keep changing the game
If I don't achieve you are the victim of blame
From pilot, doctor, lawyer to journalist, you're wavy like a flame
Then teaching, preaching and music are you looking for fame?
Please choose your side before you're too hard to tame.

Please just wait for me to sharpen my wedge
If am not well prepared then I will not manage
I'll hoover with you to the end of my age
Then you'll pain my mind as though you revenge
Asking what I did in my younger age.

Lupita said that all dreams are valid.
This is a truth both bold and so candid
But for you the dreamer, you must be so rigid
Adding hope to patience will not be stupid
Please maintain your measures as if fighting covid.
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At last I remember that dreams don't expire
It's only we the dreamers who can retire
Patience, hope and planning is all you require
To make up your woods and to set it afire
For all fruits of the future will come from the prior.

Lets achieve our dreams!

Dreams kept alive
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