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Rookie (1984 / Baia-Mare)

Dear Feeling... - Poem by Miss B..

dear feeling,
what's your meaning?
sometimes i just sit and think
how people view you is almost demeaning
why are we so afraid of you?
truthfully, you're the only thing in life that proves to be true
you know how when they say go with your gut?
it's feeling that leads you out of a rut
kinda weird when you sit and think about it
'cause sometimes its that same feeling that gets you into it
so maybe thats the whole thing about you, feeling
whether we like it or not you're the thing that gives our choices meaning
maybe thats the whole thing that makes you so frightening
that we have no control unless we follow you and frankly
you're kinda all over the place and when we least expect it,
you strike just like lightning
no warning, bright and sharp and sometimes theres a loud noise that follows it
i like to think the noise is the blur around a situation
you know the questions that arise when you think there's a feeling worth mentioning
the worst part is that most of us ignore you
yes feeling, i know you're there but it's easier to just ignore you
i must repeat cuz that's what all of us do to you
how are you not the center of attention?
how did this happen right in front of you?
where were the warning signs you so often invoke in me?
oh wait, i just said it
how could i possibly forget it?
i just said how we all ignore you
you see its so easy to live beneath many dimensions of me
just like that i live and go on to the next thought and u're no longer the main part of me
you get pushed aside and its like you never existed
and maybe you would have been noticed
maybe you would have incited a change in my usual way of thinking
and then you, oh feeling, might have persisted
then your true meaning would have been proven
right before i forget what matters internally
right before you cease to exist before i realize what i should have done or not
you know, all of those times that i know you were right
and i just ignored
just forgot
just put you out of my sight
and continued on in my dreadful plight.

miss b- 05/2010

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Poem Submitted: Monday, May 10, 2010

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