Krystal Shearer

Dear Mom - Poem by Krystal Shearer

Mom you've always been there for me through good and bad
Mom, yes we've had our battles and times i've hit you, hated you, and put you down
But Mom we've always worked it out regardless what the situation was we went to sleep on good terms
Mom I love you so much
Mom I am sorry you got really sick and me and Lisa couldn't do any more for you to help you out
Mom I wish you and I could have been on better terms and have more good memories, but I know a lot of your wishes were full filled and granted and i'm thankful and glad for that
Mom I wish you could have meet your other 3 grandchildren that were born after god called you home to be with him, but at least you were there and in the room when Hailey was born
Mom the look on your face when you held Hailey for the first time in the Hospital room was a very happy, excited look that made me want to cry because I have never seen you that happy
Mom I wish I could have worked a lot of things out with you before you left us to go home
Mom you know we did our best to take care of you but you were way to sick and needed medical help more then what we could do for you and I am sorry Mommy
Mom i'm sorry we had to put you in the hospital and make you suffer as long as we did
Mom the reason we kept you on the tube against your wishes is because we kept being told you'd be ok if they drained your lungs and that you'd make it out and home
But Mom it came a time a time when the Dr came out to us and told us there was no more help or anything they could do
Mom we remember that day very well
Mom the day the Dr told us that, we went and looked at hospice and was going to move you there but god called you home to be with him
Mom I know you were a fighter and fought until the day we told you to let go if you wanted and to stop suffering
Mom that was the hardest day of my life
Mom that night we told you to let go you let go at 10pm and we got the call 10 minutes later
Mom I broke down right away and screamed because I lost you
Mom i'm sorry you had to go this way and suffer this long, we should have let you rest in peace right away, because you've been fighting for to many years and couldn't take seeing you hurt that bad anymore
Mom finally on Augest 14 2007 you left us to go home and rest in peace so your no longer suffering and you can rest in peace
Mommy you are loved and missed by many and will never be forgotten!
Mom I love you and always will...........

Poet's Notes about The Poem

RIP MOM 10-13-51 through 8-14-07

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