Jasdeep Hari Bhajan Singh Khalsa

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Dearest Mother Earth - Poem by Jasdeep Hari Bhajan Singh Khalsa

Dearest Mother Earth,
The Mother of mankind,
Through death and birth,
Her care we find.

But man isn't kind,
To Her at all,
Destruction we shall find,
And man shall fall.

Man must change his ways,
Before it's too late,
Heal Her and pray,
Man must change his fate.

Mother Earth heals us,
Provides all we need,
No need to fuss,
Just do this deed.

Mother loves her child,
Mother provides everything,
Child has gone wild,
Chaos the child brings.

Trees are so healing,
Water is so quenching,
Flowers are so calming,
Air is so cleansing.

When will we realise,
These resources are critical,
Without them we're paralysed,
Stop being so political.

Polluting her we'll die,
Strangling our own neck,
This is no lie,
Humans are a speck.

Compared to the universe,
We're so very small,
Yet we're so perverse,
We like to stand tall.

Pretending we own land,
Doing what we please,
With every single strand,
We are Her disease.

But still Mother loves,
Giving is Her nature,
Time to rise above,
Time to now mature.

Earth we must heal,
Treading the Earth gently,
Earth we must feel,
Treating the Earth gratefully.

Keep Her in your prayers,
Love Her in your way,
Show Her all your care,
Then She'll be okay.

By taking responsibility,
Humans will cause a shift,
Reducing the probability,
That from peace we drift.

Tomorrow is too late,
Today we must change,
No need to wait,
Caring is not strange.

Her care we find,
Through death and birth,
The Mother of mankind,
Dearest Mother Earth.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Completed: 02/05/08 - On train to Birmingham from London after Seminar on Excellence
Modified: 03/05/08 - In Umisha's flat, Aston Brook Green

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, June 28, 2012

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