Justin Reamer

Freshman - 967 Points (2 October 1993 / Holland, Michigan)

Death Of Innocence - Poem by Justin Reamer

In a large room,
With a tub full of water,
I sit there,
A small child, a boy.

A toy floats in the water,
As I take it in hand
And play with it.
I am happy, I am blissful;
I am innocent, a child.

My father sits behind me,
My role model, my hero,
As he speaks to me,
Lovingly as always.

He takes a dial in hand,
Lightly grasps it,
Begins to wash me,
Scrubbing with bubbles,
Bubbly warbles,
He washes me as
He did many times before.

But this time is different.
The room goes dark
And a shadow lurks
Over my face.
Glowing red eyes peer
Down at me as I sit there.

I shiver, I am scared,
I am cold,
For my father is gone
And something else has
Replaced him behind me.

I feel his cold breath
And then I hear a slither
As a snake,
Holding the dial in its mouth,
Reaches between my legs
And bites hard.

I scream in agony
As the monster behind
Me has clutched my genitals,
Shaking them, hurting them,
Touching them, soothing them,
All the time sending endorphins
Up my spine,
Which make me wail from pain.

He laughs as I am hurt;
Finding pleasure in the mere facets of torture.
A sadist, is he,
Maiming me for his own entertainment.

The snakehead rips off
My own genitalia,
And I scream,
For the pain is inconceivable.

The creature behind me,
After amusement,
Wrings my neck with his snake-hand.
And I, a boy, am vanquished from existence.

As a soul, I see the creature
That had once been my father
Feasting on my flesh.
The man I had trusted betrayed me,
And I lay there, weeping.

Nowhere else to go,
Lost in the eternal abyss
Of the afterlife,
For no one has ever helped me,
And now, in death,
No one ever cared.
I am lost to all,
For in life, I was no one,
And in death, I am no more.

Topic(s) of this poem: abuse

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