Delaney Rose

Deep Blue - Poem by Delaney Rose

Paint the walls blue.
Deep blue, like the color of your mind.
The color of the ocean after a horrid storm, if you were to dive down into it.
The color that no one will ever see unless they go after it.
The color that hurts, your head throbbing, about to explode.
The color that beats into you, the color you call home.

Hide the walls that surround you, hide yourself.
With everything that doesn’t remind you of what you really are.
The images of false scenarios, the lyrics that don’t pertain to you.
Pin up the posters of people you pretend to know, and act like they know you.
Though you can only pretend. All those people, they won’t ever give a damn.
Not about you or anyone else, no one can even care about themselves anymore.
Not in this decimated town. All that’s left here are the rats, the whores, the clowns.
Just trying to find themselves in pile of lies we call home.

Vandalize the walls that no one sees.
As you try to ruin the world around you, you will only ruin yourself.
Break yourself and see what happens. Bend over backwards seeking truth.
One day, when everything is gone you will see what you have not done.
Look around you, and see what you are, see just how far you will never go.
Which will you be? Where will you settle? In the gutter? The circus? The street?
What will you call home? Where will your salvation be?

Break down the walls that keep you in. I dare you.
Try reaching out to the people as they walk by you.
Scream until no sound comes out. Run, Run to them.
You see them, hear them, but they can never see you.
Never feel you standing right there, begging to be seen,
To be thought of even for a second. Just ‘til the count of three?
Just like they will never see the deep blue. That which describes you.

Search the walls for an answer, one you cannot find.
Why? Why do they not see? When that’s all I have to go by?
Purely because they refuse to. No one wants to try anymore.
Not in this godforsaken town, not even angels fill these skies.
Only ghosts with no claim dare to call this broken place home.
They are so dark, so strong they block out all light.
Blinded by their own ghosts, no one can see anymore.
“An eye for an eye, ” it has no meaning when there is nothing left.

Rebuild the walls, accept your deep blue prison cell, and breathe.
Breathe your final prayers as the lights are put out on your dreams.
Breathe your name as the last inventory is called. Not because it is needed,
But because you will be the only one to remember. You don’t really matter.
As you close your eyes one last time no one will care what you stood for.
The rats? The clowns? The whores? They all blur into one unspeakable monstrosity.
Where does that leave you? A ghost perhaps, flying around, being the one to invoke darkness.
But no, not even that could be your fate, because you never mattered enough.
You, instead, are a deep blue balloon, hardly seen and never heard, you float away.
Only to be forgotten by the few who ever cared to look up.

Comments about Deep Blue by Delaney Rose

  • (4/21/2010 6:30:00 PM)

    Dear Delaney Rose,

    this quite the prose.
    brings memories to me
    of drunks and ho's,
    and ghosts of mattered past.
    and the deepest blue
    I've sucked and blown.

    Great flow of thought 10+
    please read; Simha's Saga and His Heart
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