Default Poem by Kenmari Goze


To fall in love is a good thing but the problem in falling,
you always get hurt when you hit the ground..

It's easy to let go of someone you hate
but it's hard to remove the memory that you both shared..

I hope I've never met him
so that I would never lose him.,

WE never intend to end up like this, it was never OUR fault
for it was HIM who chose to END it..

It takes TWO to start a relationship
but it takes ONE to end it..

All I wanted was for YOU to stay..

For now, I don't believe on those sweet words you uttered to me..

I love you is sweet
but I'll stay with you is sweeter..

I think I would prefer you to break me slowly
than leave me entirely..

Time shall come for you will forget about me
but the sad thing is that time will not come for me..
for I shall never forget thee…

And those that I turned down said
that they envy you for I am loving YOU
I guess I can now relate to them
since I envy the one that you are now loving..

I see you as the one I needed
but how come you can't see me as the person you might need too? ..

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