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Delusional - Poem by miss Anonymous

The thought makes me physically tremble
confusion uncertainty and excitement
A stranger..I know..
over ruled by temptation lust and desire
emptyness sadness and fear win over for a time
Clarity...tis but a dream
I know

Then there you are
My beautiful darkness
sending my heart into a frenzy
blinding me from reality
consuming me with fantasy
Emptyness envelopes me whole
tremble's with sadness
cut me open and leave me to bleed

Delusions bring me to conclusions of
every piece of my being willing to belong to thee
only, forever, each others every things
till the grave and beyond
Bury me in your love
suffocate me in your passion
kill me with your love

again Clarity..for a spell
Then I remember those eyes
eyes I feel I know
strong and honest
Beautiful eyes

a steel exterior built from necessity
to guard from love
but It's secret desire is to love in abundance without fear
recieving the same in return with certainty that it is worthy
Is it worth the risk?
just to now that.If only we could
In my fantasy there is no question..yes

but then clarity...
shred my heart
pick me to pieces
full of empty dreams
just kill me now
for I can never have you

we never even started
weve never even met
this is all inside my head
torturing me slowly
the one I'll want forever

already starting to decay
pain and sadness overwhelms me
still I cannot forget you, nor want to
slow death of my heart is a small price to pay
in exchange for the knowing of your existence
my untouchable that could very well of been a dream come true

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, December 27, 2011

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