Morgan Michaels

Desiderata Ii - Poem by Morgan Michaels

The Great Yogurt Hoax? Hmmm.
Yogurt not so good for you now as you once thought-
Soon we'll be told (by the experts) that anti-oxidants
Pare years from your store of years;
That exercise is bad for your health (as in excess, it probably is) :
That however many heartbeats God, Fate or the Parcae allot you,
Vitamins will decimate them;
That more doctors recommend Lucky Strikes than any other brand;
That as it was in the beginning, it is now;
Who ARE these experts, these specialists?
Who, besides you, pays them? And who do they work for?
Flim-flammery showing the vagary of words-
How they can hypnotize, mean anything you please,
Deftly pitched to the peanut-crunching crowd.
What has living this long taught me?
(Relatively few results being reproducible) ,
Eat, live, sensibly, get enough sleep
Question the motivation of all comers
(Any with pat answers) and especially all
Claiming authority from a Source-
Such people are dangerous.
Believe but four the sum of two plus two,
That the good is the collective will of all, based on fairness,
Be merciful so's to expect the same,
And as quick to detect love as slight.
Admit the reign of the Gods or God
Who can be deduced but never known-
(Deduction what makes you human) :
For any God worth his salt, like the rainbow, can
Burst into seven or more colors
Or heave as one sea;
Throw all revealed texts quickly into the lake
Disbelieve in war, revenge, another's subtle bidding,
Allow everything in moderation, watch zero TV,
Allow everything instinctual, checked with fairness
Look, look, look, then look some more.
And above all- take a vitamin-
It's good for the economy.

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Topic(s) of this poem: love

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, December 4, 2013

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