Mihaela Pirjol

Desire - Poem by Mihaela Pirjol

We cannot aspire to that which is already dead,
And there is no solace in delusion;
We should save the present for future memories
Thus, to remember we had a life we lived.

No soul which is born alone and dies alone ever pertain
To anyone, on this mortal realm of mortals;
Nothing we are, but an evanescent breath of air;
Utopian significance of being insignificant.

How a superbus phallus in carnal pleasure dies,
That ephemeral all these earthly passions are;
Like the face of moon from dusk till dawn
When sun replace its ardour with other kind of warmth.

Why consume our breath in yearning, suspiration?
Desire's flames need oxygen, - and that will suffocate us;
The chastity of senses shall purge our spirits pure,
And rise above this Life whose claim is to endure.

Topic(s) of this poem: desire

Form: Quatrain

Comments about Desire by Mihaela Pirjol

  • Ramesh Rai (4/17/2017 10:03:00 PM)

    Desire's flames need oxygen - Excellent, Marvelous Superb thoughts. A deserving poem. Born alone and will die alone. Very high spiritual write. You have elaborated the essence of life in a very simple way. Thanks for sharing. Keep writing. (Report) Reply

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  • Stuart Munro (4/15/2017 1:07:00 PM)

    Hi Mihaela, like this poem you've written
    Born alone and die alone
    I'm always alone whoevers around me,
    Even in the womb with a twin brother
    You can be lonely, Jesus Christ was lonely
    You can be lonely with a partner
    Through life your always lonely, everybody is only really thinking about themselves
    And how not to be lonely, there's no solution, stand in a football stadium in a crowd
    Your surrounded with flesh and souls
    They may smile, and be friendly but your still lonely
    Lol, , anyway I'm fed up talking about being lonely
    Your fed up with me and everybody else
    So that's why I'm lonely lol
    Best regards Stu, , , , , your a very good poet
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  • (3/25/2017 10:52:00 AM)

    The extrodinary depth and meaning of your words
    Becomes even more apparent with every read.
    so eloquent and beautifully written
    And of course it couldn't be more true.
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  • Robert Murray Smith (12/19/2016 2:17:00 PM)

    This poem is to desire what a poem is to poetry compete in every sense of the word. A poem of excellence. There are so many stanzas that stand out. It will be included as a favourite.++++10

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  • (11/2/2016 4:38:00 AM)

    I love the great words and true to that Pirjol
    We should save the present for future memories
    Thus, to remember we had a life we lived.
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  • Sranisha Francis (6/7/2016 3:56:00 AM)

    Beautiful, great are the words.
    The chastity of senses shall purge our spirits pure
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  • Rajesh Thankappan (6/2/2016 10:30:00 AM)

    'Sense' pulls up us in various direction and as you have observed ' the chastity of senses shall purge our spirits pure.' Loved the poem with its great philosophical insights. (Report) Reply

  • Mihaela Pirjol (4/19/2016 6:08:00 AM)

    Thank you heartily, my fellow poets, for your felicitations! (Report) Reply

  • Rajnish Manga (4/19/2016 12:44:00 AM)

    A philosophy superbly constructed over a firm foundation with the bricks of experience and experimentation in life. This is greatly sensible. Thanks. I would like to quote a few lines:
    We should save the present for future memories
    Utopian significance of being insignificant.
    The chastity of senses shall purge our spirits pure,
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  • (4/18/2016 11:21:00 PM)

    Heartiest Congrats on the Poem of the Day as also for composing this beautifully envisioned meaningful and thought provoking poem. (Report) Reply

  • Godfrey Morris (4/18/2016 6:45:00 PM)

    Beautifully was a pleasure reading. Very authentic words. (Report) Reply

  • Anil Kumar Panda (4/18/2016 11:18:00 AM)

    Rich with vocabulary this a nice poem. Liked it. (Report) Reply

  • (4/18/2016 10:12:00 AM)

    Great poem. Congratulations for its being poem of the day. (Report) Reply

  • Jayatissa K. Liyanage (4/18/2016 9:05:00 AM)

    Influenced by greed,
    incensed by hate,
    confused by delusion,
    overcome by them,
    obsessed by mind,
    a man chooses for is own affliction,
    for others’ affliction,
    for the affliction of both,
    and experiences pain and grief.
    - Gauthama Buddha
    This is all about it. Nothing more to say. Your understanding about desire, places yourself aptly. Congratulations! X
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  • Mohammed Asim Nehal (4/18/2016 4:20:00 AM)

    Congrats MP! ! ! ! ! Your desire truly deserves this honour. A fantastic write as usual, filled with wise words and inspiration. LOVED IT. (Report) Reply

  • Manache Poetry (4/18/2016 2:10:00 AM)

    Thanks for sharing :) (Report) Reply

  • (4/18/2016 1:21:00 AM)

    An extraordinarily thoughtful poem which deserves many readings. For that reason I shall include it in my favourite poems' list. Congratulations on achieving poem of the day. It is fully deserved.
    Tom Billsborough
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  • Kelly Kurt (4/18/2016 12:17:00 AM)

    Passion is from the same root as passive. One must not allow it to rule.
    Congrats on poem of the day
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    Kim Barney Kim Barney (4/18/2016 11:53:00 AM)

    Well said, Kelly. Such insight you have.

  • Tapan M. Saren (4/18/2016 12:12:00 AM)

    You wrote a very good poem (Report) Reply

  • (3/12/2016 4:18:00 AM)

    The chastity of senses shall purge our spirits..
    wonderful way of expressing. superb in the use of words and communication of your themes... thank you dear poetess. dev
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