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21 Haiku Poems Examples About Nature 5-7-5 | How write haiku in Hindi and English?

Haiku Poems can be summarized as a short form of traditional Japanese poetry. The 5/7/5 rule is the prominent detail of this poetry genre. Accordingly, the first line must have five syllables, the second line seven syllables, and the third line five syllables. With these poems, a picture is drawn in a few words. Because of their simplicity, authors are forced to focus on the basics solely, making every word-or even syllable-matter. This is a practice of artistic discipline.

We have compiled for you haiku poems about Nature 5-7-5, haiku poems about flowers and haiku poems in Hindi, which are among the prominent titles. Readers can reach the best samples in this writing.

Haiku Poems Examples

“The Old Pond” by Matsuo Bashō

Furu ike ya

kawazu tobikomu

mizu no oto


An old silent pond

A frog jumps into the pond—

Splash! Silence again.

One of the four greatest Haiku masters, Matsuo Basho, provided this classic example. Haikus are a traditional Japanese form of poetry that originated in Japan. Hokkus are group poetry that adhere to the 5/7/5 formula. A kireji, or "cutting word," (such as "Splash!"), is used to divide them. They are supposed to comment on the season or the writers' surroundings and to generate some type of contrasting vision.

The other sample is “A World of Dew” by Kobayashi Issa. 

A world of dew,

And within every dewdrop

A world of struggle.

Sometimes, the kireji occasionally appears at the conclusion of a haiku to give it a feeling of closure. This moving poem by Kobayashi Issa, another outstanding Haiku master, inserts the kireji near the end. Issa's haiku does not adhere to the 5/7/5 rule when translated, yet it still has impact.

Now, let's examine the other poem which is “Lighting One Candle” by Yosa Buson.

The light of a candle

Is transferred to another candle—

Spring twilight

Haikus concentrates on a fleeting instant in time, contrasting two pictures to provide an unexpected sense of enlightenment. The haiku master Yosa Buson's poem of a single candle to the starry amazement of the spring sky is a wonderful illustration of this.

Well, the other sample is “A Poppy Blooms” by Katsushika Hokusai. 

I write, erase, rewrite

Erase again, and then

A poppy blooms.

There are four haiku poets known as "the Great Four" in this type of poetry that spread from Japan to the world: Matsuo Basho, Kobayashi Issa, Masaoka Shiki and Yosa Buson. The artworks of these poets still serve as examples for haiku poems today. The other important name is Natsume Soseki, a famed novelist and contemporary of Shiki, who also wrote haiku.

Reading through samples of haiku poems is a great way to get inspired and comfortable with this style of poetry and the sensory language it employs.

Following the traditional 5-7-5 haiku pattern, there are five "moras" in the first, third, and second lines and seven in the second. A mora is a sound unit that resembles a syllable but differs from it. Since not every English word has the same amount of syllables, or moras, as its Japanese counterpart, this rhythm is sometimes lost in translation. For instance, a haiku has two syllables in English and three in Japanese.

Haiku Poems about Nature 5-7-5

Three lines of five, seven, and five syllables each make up the haiku, an unrhymed poetry form. Although it wasn't given the term haiku until the 19th century, the haiku initially appeared in 17th-century Japanese literature as a brief response to complex poetry traditions.

Haiku (The Taste...) Poem by Jack Kerouac

The taste

of rain

—Why kneel?

The Old Pond Poem by Matsuo Basho

There is the old pond!

Lo, into it jumps a frog:

hark, water's music!

(Translated by Harry Behn)

Haiku - Spring Of Love Poem by M. Asim Nehal

cover of the clouds

opened up for the moonbeam

spring of love in life

The Rainbow Poem by Udiah (witness to Yah)

after summer's rain

God's promise is remembered

glorious rainbow


Haiku ~ Winter Poem by M. Asim Nehal

a winter sunset

fog is ready to catch up

chilling nights are back


Haiku Poem by Matsuo Basho

scent of plum blossoms

on the misty mountain path

a big rising sun


Haiku Poems about Flowers

Flower - A Haiku Poem by C. P. Sharma

I hide me in bud

Bloom exposes my inside

Fading I whither


** Flowers Of Love ** (Haiku Free Form) Poem by ANJALI SINHA

Flowers of love

blossom in air of faith-

Divine oxygen


99. Haiku Flower Power Poem by David Threadgold

Say it with fresh flowers

If your love can read

Words hidden in blooms


Haiku 49 - Fragrant Flowers Poem by Parameswaran Nair Damodaran Nair

One fragrant flower

Among a heap of flowers

makes the heap fragrant


Haiku On Flower Poem by Dr.Mosam Sinha

Hidden in green grass

like a lady behind curtain,

a flower leads its life.


Haiku 48 - Butterflies And Poor Flowers Poem by Parameswaran Nair Damodaran Nair

Butterflies love blooms

Leave them draining sweet honey

To wither away


Haiku Poems in Hindi

Hindi Haiku Savera Poem by S.D. TIWARI

प्रातःकी बेला

बच्चों की पीठ पर

बस्ते का बोझ


भोर होते ही

गाय रम्भाने लगी

दूध तैयार


प्रातः सुदूर

ऊपर को उठता

आग का गोला


Jharnaa (Waterfall) - A Hindi Haiku Poem by Sunil Uniyal

jhar jhar jhar jhar -

pahaari dhalaan par

ek jharnaa nirantar


Haiku (In Hindi) - 1 Poem by ramesh rai

Manav badh chala Mahamanav banane

Prakriti stabdh hokar dekhti rahi uski pragati

Hai yeh Manav Ya Danav


Hindi Haiku (36-45) Poem by S.D. TIWARI

हाइकू ३६

बच्चे हिलाते

अमरूद पाने को

पूरा ही पेड़

हाइकू ३७

A Hindi Haiku, तेरे होंट Poem by Ravi Kopra

तेरे होंट

गुलाब की दो कलीआं

मेरे होंठों को थठथठाती हैंं


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