Onareen Ferdinand

Despairing Desolation - Poem by Onareen Ferdinand

The urge to vomit is as strong
As the need for comfort
All pent up inside
No respite from the raging waves of
No breeze to cool burning sensations
Across the heart
There is no knowledge of what peace can be, and
An apparent absence of the gaiety of life
The soul has fled
Fled deep into nothingness
Not an inkling of its light
Not a flicker
Thrust deep into a kneading desolation
The heart spasms
The brain is mute
Yet imagination thrives on the unnecessary
Devours disgustingly
Every morsel of sanity
Spewing out
Half-digested shreds of reality
To be ingested back
Into violent pools of acid that burn away
The remnants
Remnants that are sharper than reality
More potent more painful
As they swirl in digestive juices
In the belly of the imagination
Where hope is destroyed
And utter despair is made new
To slap the aching heart
Into submission
To change,
The course of the present
Towards an unnecessary future
The heart momentarily collapses
The lungs lose hope
The rib cage despite all hopelessness-
Resolves to stand firm
Resisting every urge to submit
And change the course of the present
Resistance fans fires
In the pits of a gut
Already battle weary
So weary that it refluxes upwards
The taste of battles lost.
O how
The urge to vomit is as strong
As the need for comfort!

Topic(s) of this poem: despair

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, March 21, 2015

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