khadera nargis

Destiny Defeated - Poem by khadera nargis

I regret every now and then and most of the time
I lost all the golden moments which used to shine
I had enough things still had been ungrateful
Things now become further worst nothing fruitful
No other remedy but to take life whatever available
Dreams shattered hopes scattered nothing special
I used to twist within the imagery circles
Intentions were to achieve the glorious fames
To do everything special to lit the world
With efforts to spread the affectionate flames

I lost the things which I used to dream
It is strange when I keep on missing those moments
It makes me laugh how silly I was
The dreams looks now much awful

I have empty palms all the fate lines now erased
With the victory of sick destiny and my fortune defeated
My hands began for the plea to welcome earnest end
Nothing leftover except the only slot to keep on prayers
Until I receive the confirmed intimation from the Creator

Burning emotions for the peak targets appears normal
As that of others I have counted among commons
When my mind and soul was full of ambitions
I was encircled within the fickle obstacles
Peace of mind satisfactory soul has reached at zero level
At last I admit it was all my perception nothing in real
Destiny won in front of tough struggle
Life finally galloping on the back of speedy horse
Time making me further sensible
No more struggles no more pains

If at all heart pains eyes are the ardent partner
It plays the role of associative process since ages
Eyes sheds water until then I don’t get satisfied
Tears here once again as usual proved the only miracle
My soul sobbed as usual to control

It has become part and parcel of the present era
Everything which has now become only Past
Repetitive approval from the tears
Heart screamed I must have enough courage
Admitted the truth Destiny lost its game
Finally Fortune killed by the hands of ill fate
Fate lines faded almost with the defeat of Destiny

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Poem Submitted: Friday, December 4, 2009

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