Zanaya Ladd

Devil's Game - Poem by Zanaya Ladd

I see the world differently
Here upon the ground
I look up fearfully
Accepting what I've found

We're playing a devil's chess game
With no end or win
All efforts in vain
As they sit there and grin

A pattern keeps repeating
In decisions made
That people are cheating
That we've been played

Men with authority strive for more
To have power laid in their hands
They go knocking on danger's front door
Sending pawns to invade other's lands

Safe at home they watch their pawns at work
Advancing forward a square every time
Leaving a mark
Of each crime

Lives are ruined from greed
The victims, the pawns
Are wronged, left to bleed
But no one mourns

Each pawn forgotten
With no wins
The pawns that have fallen
Will be left to freeze

When their veins drain
When their color fades
Leaving behind a stain
Marking the end of their days

I've seen this pattern through the history
The game countains the same maneuvers
That never leads to a victory
For the abusers

The pawns have decisions
Play the deadly game
Or follow their ambitions
What's there to gain?

My veins drain
My color fades
Leaving behind a stain
Marking the end of my days
Because I chose the devil's game
I'm lying in a puddle of gore
beacuse I chose WAR

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, May 23, 2012

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