Lone Ghost

Devotional Dance

Beautiful day! Waking up
to another battle, feeling freshly recharged
by the energy field of thy astral domains,

Secluding myself
In my domestic sanctuary,
I quaff from the milk of bravery and courage,
Attuning my ears to the melodies of the nearby sparrows,
Letting their chants of freedom take my mind's chatter away,
And even through the motor' sound of the distant cars,
I anchor myself closer to the endless now.

Incense pervading the morning Fresh tranquility,
Esoteric imagery stimulating the subconscious mind,
Pictures from ascended masters guiding my wisdom,
Colorful garlands hanging from deities,
Tropical fruits rendering reverence,
The altar is ready! I kindle the candles,
gracefully set for my Sadhana doze,
and offer myself to the great source:

Harmonious positions, one by one,
Aligning my will and my heart,
Filling myself with cosmic vigor and keen
Concentration wrung from the ethereal dimension...
The energization exercises:
deliberated tension of muscles and conscious personality,
affirming with strenuous will and inhalation...
Graceful relaxation of muscles and unconscious personality,
surrendering with soothing exhalation,

With a more evenly scattered
distribution of energy,
across my different bodies,
Devotional postures follow:

As I progress from pose to pose
Internalizing myself deeper and deeper,
The Character's armor-egos physical expression,
Begins to fall, like hardened skin from a shedding snake,
dressing me off to naked stillness, until amidst the restless world
I become like a solid gargoyle standing firmly in upright veneration,
As a clearer spout to channel the consciousness behind creation
Into the core and surface of my own soul.

My sacred pranayama (life-force control) follows,

I invoke the simulative hyperventilation
of the life-force behind all atoms,
manifesting a whirlwind within myself,
refreshing each part of my skeleton, aerodynamically,
Cleansing my astral channels from the dried blood of my wounded heart
and the death cells of obsolete memories and thinking patterns.

Slenderer breath, acuter perception,
I enter into a quieter silence,
transcending into a state of witnessing...
Watching from the mountains of my valley of consciousness...
the wagons of thoughts from the train of my intellect begin to collapse
and fall into the abyss of bliss, as I become less and less reactive to them,

Raptly involved and quite withdrawn
I begin to drop my body, soften my breath;
like the taking of a heavy garland off,
feeling as light as empty space
freer from bad and good,
freer from death and Birth,
freer from duality.
closer to the land of nothingness
but boundless states of ecstasy.

I end the dance with a beautiful mystic mantra,
coming back to the world, drunk in Lucidity,
with a searing bonfire of devotion arisen
from the smoldering ashes of my heart,
paying a mortuary homage to the partial death
of my unconscious persona.

This is not a martyrdom fanatical circuit,
but a scientific sacred ritual to harvest
action and intention free of compulsion
and opportunism. Oh Innocent devotion!

Like a little girl does..freely loving her doll,
not caring about what can she get
from an useless piece of rag and wood,
feeding her affair on no expectations at all,
but on her own little heart and unalloyed will,

It's not about the source,
it needs not our devotion,
if we all, like the dinosaurs die,
tomorrow the sun will shine and rise,
but if The Sun goes off, only eight minutes will be left
before our certain death, begins to take place.

Topic(s) of this poem: spirituality

Poem Submitted: Monday, February 6, 2017
Poem Edited: Saturday, February 11, 2017

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