Different Path Poem by marie burton

Different Path

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The different paths we are on
You have money and I have none
You are a star
Am just a writer
I look for peace
While you're just a fighter
You're a red carpet
Am a bare floor
I ask for nothing
you ask for more
I wait for one love
And you have many
You spend a dime
And I spend a penny
You have posh meals
I have soup and bread
You have a four poster
And I a single bed
I would not change just for a slice of your pie
You are just a stranger not the apple of my eye
There is just one thing you do not obtain
I have my freedom you just stress and strain
Everything you have yet am the one who's happy
Is it just me are you just batty?
If I had one wish, I'd give the wish to you
Well just to see just to see what you would do
Money and stardom are not what you're about
You might want to consider those you go without
If fame is your desire return the wish to me
For I would feed the world and not just a few
look what stardom has done to you

written by M. BURTON

Friday, February 19, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: poverty,wealth
Dr Antony Theodore 19 February 2016

wonderful and numberless contrasts you have used. do u know when we study eng. literature, we learn the use of contrasts is a very good technic in literature. very nice poem. thank you dear poetess. tony

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