John Ackerman

Dope Rhymes - Poem by John Ackerman

Loose lips sinks ships take some time to move those hips

Meet me at the store Rasta man with a plan

Not sense the days of 1978 back seat in a car with a date

Stereo blasting to the sounds of magic funk

Come on bring the noise you got a brand new toy

Cruising down the street in my plush hot rod

Women's liberation heading out across the nation.

Homeboy Smith wasn't ready when he fucked this dike named Freddie

We used to roll up what is the hold up

It isn't funny but the sound of the money

Take me back to those good old days when you woke up in a purple haze

Going to the drive in watching those double features

Eating at the nearest Arthur Treachers,

We have come to close not to turn back now

No use looking back when your hand is on the plow

Dope rhymes are filled up with a magical potion

Sipping red wine down at the ocean

Putting some lotion on my honey with a kiss

Sorry that I missed a tongue in your ear

I shed a single tear to help numb my inner pain

Not having you in my arms is driving me insane

What is my chief aim to fame

A cause to go ever deeper then ever before

Lest I implore another opened door

Inside our soul we behold a window a chief aim to please

Knock me to my knees like Shaggy with Scooby Doo

We bit off far more then we could ever chew

Rap to the rhyme goes to rhyme with a reason

It's the changing of the season.

Break down to the ground and sound the alarm

There's far too many fish still stuck in the pond.

Topic(s) of this poem: rap, music

Form: Free Verse

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, June 14, 2017

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