Draem That Became A Reality Poem by Moto Wamwanga

Draem That Became A Reality


I dreamed always waking
Up every single morning
In an intense blue ocean
As attractive, amazing
As the Mediterranean
Sea under the Libyan
Sun, staring at its jewls,
Contemplating its marvels.

I dreamed always waking
Up every morning hearing
That angelical melody,
The vocal of rare birds, lady!
Those intecing and special
Birds of the big equatorial
Forest of the giant Congo,
The singing which can go
With me the whole day long
Comforting, getting me strong.
The smoothest and best
Vocal that no one can ever
Make and no one can resist
To. But all loves it forever.

I dreamed always waking
Up with a diamond jewelry,
Price of a deserved victory,
In my hand, as a lucky king,
Which its spark and beauty,
That beauty giving serenity,
Forever and ever wither
And its value or price never
Drops and then its glow
Always radiates, you knolw.

I dreamed always waking
Up every morning knowing
That I have a mannequin,
Those beautiful and thin
Queens inside shops with
Unchangeable and intecing
Shape and flexible body.

I always dreamed having
In my entire life that special
One who can be a daughter
To me and also a mother
At the same time to enjoy
Every single day unremitting
Affection, love and crucial
Respect with honor and joy.

I dreamed being protected
By a guardian angel every day,
Who can light up my way,
Guide my steps as expected.

That dream became true
The day that you put a ring
With love, what a treasure,
A rare ingot! On my finger, you
Described me as your king.
You are that best sculpture
I have made and described
Above. So sharing my bed
With you forever is a dream
That has definitely become
True. We form a nice team
Of my dream. It's awesome!

The End. Written by Moto Wa.

Saturday, June 6, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: love and dreams
Moto Wamwanga

Moto Wamwanga

Samba(Democratic Rep. Of Congo)
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