Tony Phung

Dragonslayer - Poem by Tony Phung

Harken fellow brothers and listen to me tell
Of bravery and courage and evil as well
It is the tale of Ynot the Minstrel
Whose gift of word came from the gods
And thus he had no equal at home or abroad
Through the mortal lands Ynot traveled
Spreading joy with his words
And throughout the land his poetry was heard
All had heard and all rejoiced
In the power of Ynot's words and his voice
But there was a shadow in the land
Whispers of an evil fiend
A terror, a wyrm with black wings
And with its fiery breath it did terrible things
It burnt down villages, scorched the homes
It ate the maidens, and picked its teeth with their bones
Twas no mere mortal, Twas not a man
But a fiend of fire and rot
No one possessed the skill to defeat it
Except Ynot
So on top of Sky-Kisser, peak of the world
Where the stars shone bright, brighter than pearls
Where the wind shrieked its sorrowful tune
Where the sky sunk low, and earth kissed moon
They did battle
Twas a fierce battle the waged on top
But in that battle there were no cuts, blows, or chops
But mighty were their weapons
Swords forged from letters, hammered in the mind
Sharpened by grammar, words made divine
Through the power of poetry, Ynot and the Dragon struggled
Each exchanged stanzas and lines, meter and rhyme, wordplay refined
Twas an epic battle waged and an epic battle fought
Unfortunately the Dragon wounded Ynot
From gaping black maw did flame and poison erupt
Mortally wounded and fainting Ynot fell flat on his face
But the Singer would not accept Death's Sable embrace
So with his final breath he gasped and he heaved
And through the might of his voice, the Dragon he cleaved
Down the middle and through the brain
The dragon lay dead, split in twain
But with that final desperate breath
Poor Ynot succumbed to death

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