Dreaming Of Death And Dying Poem by Rita Cerniglia

Dreaming Of Death And Dying

At night when I lie down in bed
at practice for when I am dead;
coolly pressed between the sheets
in nakedness while reading Keats;
preserved in restful yawns and sighs
and further, distant lullabyes -
I fight the death and close my eyes
and dream of waking living.

In fitful, frightening discourse,
I ride the swift and palest horse
on molten foam between the seas
dividing madness from disease;
a deadly race no rider wins,
except the skeleton that grins;
the vision ends, begins and ends -
though I am never certain.

A sudden wind whispers, 'awake, '
I surface from the dreaming lake
to gasp a glimpse of living time -
emerging drunken from Death's wine;
to stagger blindly through the black
only to find I've made it back.
A thunder roll, a lightning crack!
A neverendingnumbness.....

Each night another portion served
like sleeping oysters smoothly curved;
till Death will pry one, sleepy eye
upon the deep throat of the sky -
and kill the red moon finally,
and kill the darkness, you, and me,
then take his own life - dreadfully
that chaos may awaken.

Malaya Roses 05 June 2010

all words represent real meaning of temporary death and real death never be the same as what we used to imagine. dying; either ease or decreased emotional pain to the closest person next to your heart. nice poem

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