Sandeep Gundher

Dreamland - Poem by Sandeep Gundher

The week was busy and it went by very quick,
Ashu decided to take rest, as she dint want to get sick

She remembered the days: some fine and some were bad,
But she felt proud and happy for the attempts she made

Finally, she wished the day good night and soon fell asleep,
She put the mobile off to avoid its noisy beep

Dream Queen soon came and took her to the dreamland,
It had always amazed her, much more than any Disneyland

In the dream, she found herself in a coast, boarding on one ship,
It appeared to her, like it was beginning of some wonderful trip

For few days, she could see nothing but stretch of clean blue water,
Seemed like a royal carpet, nature arranged, to welcome her dear daughter

The journey was very interesting with nature being her new friend,
The scene was so picture perfect with no need of any mend

Finally, after weeks sail, she arrived in a far distant place,
The beautiful lake surrounded by a serene mountainous place

She could see some Monks passing by, wearing their spiritual dress,
They were chanting some soothing mantras and singing God’s praise

Ashu leaned forward towards the holy water and touched its surface,
She then quenched her thirst and purified her innocent face

After few moments, a monk approached her, with something in his hand,
It looked like a small book, wrapped in a beautiful golden band

Monk removed the band, and there emerged a beautiful photo frame,
The most surprising part was, the cover page contained Ashu’s name

The frame was very unique and contained mirror like page,
Definitely there was something different in this land of monk and sage

With a bit of fear, she looked upon the very first page,
To her utter surprise, there appeared pic of her Childhood age

She kept turning the page and wondered when was it taken,
She was lost in a different world and ground beneath her was shaken

She reached the last page with her face being amazed,
Never before, realized that she looked so beautiful in each of her age

Monk smiled at Ashu and explained the power of divine camera,
Picture taken when child was happy and the full on was her Aura

Dad knocked the door and Ashu got up with smiling face,
There was sound of a Click! But no one was seen in the place

Topic(s) of this poem: dream, happiness, smile

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, November 29, 2015

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