kyle dewey

Dreams Of An Angel - Poem by kyle dewey

darkness fall the stars fill the sky
my head hits the pillow, look closely, i cry
slowly the tears stop flowing, stop falling
slipping away, i feel my dreams calling
undisturbed in a deep sleep again
thats when my dreams of an angel begin

light covers me from an unknown place
off in the distance i see a familiar face
my minds scattered as i rise to my knees
the sight of her face has put my mind at ease
she reaches for me or maybe i 4 her
at night thats when my dreams of an angel occur

a shock to my bones, is it electricity
no, her arms arond me, i'm floating, blissfully
lost in her eyes, or is it her perfume
something about her just seems to consume
my heart my mind my body and soul
its my dreams of an angel that keep me feeling whole

beauty beyond measure from her ears to her nose
seeing the light, from her it glows
i'm lost in a trance, i never want to wake
at a glance my heart this angel did take
unknown joy fills me from my head to my toes
its the dream of an angel makin me wish i hadnt rose

night turns to day, my dreams fade away
stare'n at the ceiling wishing you'd stay
my body feels weak an heavy, but this is life
back to the struggles, hurt and the strife
i dont know why the days are so painfull
all i know is at night i dream of my angel

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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 23, 2010

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