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Dredilocks And The Three Bears - Poem by Elayne Ogbeta

There was a girl called Dreadilocks
Who went for a walk through the wood.
She soon came across a neat house
And the scent from the house smelt good.

"Hello, Hello, me wan come in! "
Was Dreadilock's boastful call
There was no-one in to answer
She stepped boldly into the hall.

Dreadilocks yu have no manners
Dreadilocks yu do not care
Instead of saying pardon me
In de face yu just flick your hair.

She went straight into the kitchen
Three bowls of porridge lay quiet still
And with her greedy, greedy self
Her belly she went to fill, fill.

She tasted the large bowl and said,
"Dis porridge is too hat, hat, hat."

She tasted the next bowl and said,
"Dis porridge is too cold, cold, cold."

She tasted the small bowl and said,
"Dis porridge just right, just right."

Yu nyamed up de baby's porridge
Dreadilocks what a disgrace!
Could yu not even stop awhile?
To whisper a little grace?

After gobbling up the porridge
She wanted to nosey about.
Then she spotted three wooden chairs
And just had to try them all out.

She sat on the large chair and said,
"Dis chair is too hard, hard, hard."

She sat on the next chair and said,
"Dis chair is too soft, soft, soft."

Sat on the smallest chair and said
"Dis chair just right, just right."

Dreadilocks oh how naughty!
Dreadilocks how will this look?
Yu entered dis house un-welcomed
And de baby's chair yu bruk!

Now full, full, full and comfortable
She opened her mouth and shrieked.
"Me will just tek a walk upstairs,
And have a little, tiny peek."

So up the stairs she slowly climbed
And found three little beds neat
She couldn't wait to dive inside
And snuggle down warm and sweet.

She jumped on the large bed and said,
"Dis bed is too big, big, big."

She jumped on the next bed and said,
"Dis bed is too tough, tough, tough."

Jumped on the smallest bed and said,
"Dis bed just right, just right."

Dreadilocks yu is a nasty child!
With no etiquette or décor,
Yu jump into bed wid a dirty shoe
And immediately yu start to snore!

Now Dreadilocks was fast asleep
And in a world of her own.
She didn't hear the open door
Of the bears returning home.

"Someone's been nyaming mi porridge."
"And someone's been nyaming mine too."
"And someone's nyamed mine clean, clean up."
Said the smallest bear, turning blue.

"Someone's been sitting pon mi chair."
"Someone's been sitting pon mi chair too."
"And someone has sat and bruk mi chair."
Said the smallest, bear turning blue.

They decided to look around some more.
Very angry were the bears.
There was only one more place to look
So they all marched up the stairs.

"Someone's been sleeping in mi bed."
"Someone's been sleeping in mi bed too."
"And someone's been sleeping in me bed."
"And she's there with a dutty shoe! "

Dreadilocks jumped up quickly.
But wasn't startled by the shout.
She saw six eyes glaring down
And all three bears said, "GET OUT! "

Dreadilocks would never panic
Because Dreadilocks didn't care.
She got off the bed, brushed her dress
And she simply flicked her hair!

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Another Patois fairytale!

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