E: Releasing A Bottle Of Whau River Blues Poem by Emancipation Planz

E: Releasing A Bottle Of Whau River Blues

An estaurine delight here you’ll find
The Whau River ebbs and flows with tide
Kingfisher and shag are only two
of our native taonga that await you.

... For if I had a bottle
to sail on down the Whau
I’d put inside a message
and await your answers to flow

Could you unlocked coiled questions
or bring on new suggestions
About gathering our communities
from catchment through to sea
for we hold amongst us all
those life long learning keys

I peer to see my childhood
Reflected at the river’s edge
Crouched down with wind blown tears
It doesn’t appear … I dread.

Has pollution sullied this river?
Branched and long armed that it is
Shadows still dance each afternoon
from trees that hang overhead

Man made layers and towering tombs
Should not kill the koura, eels or fish
Nor destroy the nursing grounds
- of stream or mangrove swamp

But I won’t send this bottle
to capture my heart felt plea
but read it here - my message

Living the dream is not free

I turn away from the bottle
and enter rehabilitation mode

So join us now in saving our bush
Our future generations deserve to look

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