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E06 Saul Was Jealous Of David - Poem by Simple Simon

David, with no weapon,
But just a single stone
Killed Goliath, the giant,
Right in the battle-front.

On the victory day celebration,
The women of every town,
Sang, 'Saul killed only thousands,
But David tens of thousands.'

This embarrassed King Saul,
Who felt, his honor did fall,
And from then, deep in his heart,
For David, he nurtured a hate.

Two or three times, Saul tried
To kill the innocent David,
When he was playing harp.
But David had narrow escape.

Saul sent David to fight
As by chance, he might
In the battle-field,
Get, one day, killed.

But, every time, the Lord,
Went with brave David,
Who emerged victorious.
This made Saul more furious.

King Saul's son Jonathan,
Had a friendly connection
With David, being a good man,
Who did no harm to anyone.

The king despised Jonathan,
Despite being his own son,
And once tried to kill him even,
Naming him a disloyal person.

Saul tried another method
To kill the poor David.
To easily solve the matter,
He gave him his daughter.

As a trap, Saul used her
Any time, to hand him o'er
To Philistines, his enemies,
Who waited for a chance.

He had another escape,
Again from this trap,
With his wife's help.
Saul's anger still went up.

Saul even massacred
The priest, who saved
The fleeing poor David,
When he was chased.

Though David was brave,
He hid himself in a cave
In an attempt to save
Himself from Saul's hatred -wave.

He waited for that time,
When many warriors came
A small army to form
In order to help him.

Saul sent his spies,
Who brought the news,
That David hid in a cave,
His life just to save.

He tried his best to trace,
David's secret hiding-place,
But destiny played otherwise,
For which, Saul paid the price.

Somehow, Saul was caught
By David in a daring attempt.
David asked, 'Oh Master,
Behind me, why you're after? '

'To you, what harm did I do?
I was always loyal to you.
My men told me to kill you.
But the same, I'll never do.'

'I know, you're God's man,
And to rule us, you're chosen.
Your throat I've not cut,
But only your robe, a bit.'

'God knows, who's right.
So, let there be no fight.
Forget your hatred for me.
I'll now let you go free.'

Saul cried and said,
'Oh My son, David,
To you, wrong only I did,
But to me, good you did.'

'The Lord will bless you
For what you now do.
The king of Israel you'll be,
People will be happy and free.'

'My descendants you'll spare;
Protect them and take care.
So, they'll keep my name
In their memory, all the time.'

David promised so to Saul
In the better interest of all.
Saul went back to his palace,
And David to his hiding-place.

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  • (10/24/2006 8:30:00 PM)

    David reveals in these tragic verses why God called him, 'A man after His own heart.'
    His love for Saul and the members of Saul's family never wavers even though he suffers great adversity because he is out of favour with people in high places.He remains loyal to his king to the last.Very touching write, Simon.

    Warm regards,

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