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Simple Simon Poems

1. The Chaos

What we see now in the cosmos,
Once upon a time it was in chaos.

'Whoever welcomes you, welcomes me.
Whoever welcomes me,
Welcomes the One, who sent me,
This is the truth, believe me.'

The High Priest questioned Jesus,
About his teachings and disciples.
Jesus said, “I’ve always spoken,
Every time, publicly to everyone.”

When the king of Egypt,
Let the Israelites go,
God led them not straight
But a roundabout route thro'.

Not one incident, but several,
Brought the ailing people,
To Jesus, the miracle Healer,
Who came as their Savior.

While Leah had more children born,
Poor Rachel craved for one;
Rachel, jealous of her sister,
Was burning with anger.

Jacob called, one by one,
And bade farewell to each son.
He said, 'I'm leaving this earth
To join my people in death'

Towards East, Jacob moved.
He saw a well in a field.
The well was covered
By a big stone as a lid.

Jacob loved Joseph, his son,
More than his other children.
For this, there was a reason:
Late in his life, Joseph was born.

When Universe showed its face,
No plants grew, not even a trace;
Seeds did not sprout for lack of rain;
Barren was the land without grain.

1. The Disobedience of Man

At first, naked were man, woman,
But they didn’t feel ugly then.

As a young boy, Jesus went,
To the temple and spent
His time with preachers,
More so, with Jewish teachers.

'If someone slaps you
On your cheek right,

After the people went away,
Jesus chose another way,
With his disciples to cross
The lake and go across.

While Abraham lived in Gerar,
Abimelech, King of Gerar,
Mistook Abraham's wife for sister,
In royal custody, kept her.

One day, Moses led his flock
Across desert and the rock,
And reached but a holy place,
The Sarai Mount, all by chance.

In the tribe of Dan,
A son was born,
To father Manoah
And mother Zorah.

Jesus taught sermons in scores,
On mount, boats and shores,
To set right the growing disorder
And bring in a new religious order.

“Why do your disciples
Have no good principles?
Why do they disobey the words
Handed down by our ancestors? ”

On the day of Sabbath,
In the Town of Nazareth,
To a synagogue, Jesus went,
And gave a sermon pleasant.

The Best Poem Of Simple Simon

A01 Holy Bible (Genesis) - The Story Of Creation

1. The Chaos

What we see now in the cosmos,
Once upon a time it was in chaos.
At the command of the God then,
A holy order came to settle down.

The earth was then formless.
The ocean left in total darkness,
It covered everything in rage,
In the beginning of that age.

2. The First Day's command

God said, 'Let there be light.'
At once, there came light.
'Let darkness free the light.'
Thus came the day and night.

The evening passed quietly.
The morning came slowly.
The Lord's first day's wish,
Came true with no blemish.

3. The Second Day's command

God said, 'Let there be a dome.'
The Firmament had come.
All water took one place,
By Lord's merciful grace.

The evening passed quietly.
The morning came slowly.
The Lord's second day's wish,
Came true with no blemish

4. The Third Day's Command.

God said, 'By my command,
Arise there holy land.'
Under the sky came the Earth,
The sea-side took its birth.

'Let Earth produce all plants,
Those that bear grains and fruits, '
Thus came the plant kingdom,
With God's foresight- wisdom.

The evening passed quietly.
The morning came slowly.
The Lord's third day's wish,
Came true with no blemish.

5. The Fourth Day's Command

God said, 'Let Light light the sky,
Separate night from day.
Let day be ruled by Sun-light,
And Moon rule o'er the night.'

'Let light begin to show
The time, days, years to know;
And all the holy festivals
When each one truly falls? '

The earth received Sunshine.
And moonlight blessed it fine;
The Lord's fourth day's wish,
Came true with no blemish.

6. The Fifth Day's Command

God said, 'Let the water be filled
With living things, all kinds,
And air with many birds'
They came to be by His words.

Let creatures give offspring,
And so too all earthlings!
Thus the Lord's fifth day's wish,
Came true with no blemish.

7. The Sixth Day Command

God said, 'Let there appear,
Wild beasts and pets we rear, '
Thus came animals all,
Pets and wild, big and small.

God did not rest with that.
Adam and Eve, He made.
'Let them arise, ' He said,
'They resembled Lord God.'

'They'll have the power,
To rule o'er fish in water,
Besides birds of the air,
And beasts on land wherever.'

'Let there be male, female;
Their progeny to control
All lesser beings found,
On planet earth all round.'

'The grains and fruits are meant
For men, women to eat,
And grass and leafy plants,
For birds, animals, ants.'

Happy with what He made,
God gave all, food and shade;
Thus the Lord's sixth day's wish,
Came true with no blemish.

8. The Seventh Day's Command

Thus Universe began,
To function; so did man
When the seventh day came,
To glorify God's name

Simple Simon Comments

Sarda Mohan 22 April 2007

Glad to get this opportunity to read the work of someone who has mastered the art of writing beautifully. His rich experience over the years is reflected in his work and he has a magical way of saying things that even a small child will find easy to understand. I read a few pages to my little Vikram everyday who simply loves to hear and waits for the next day to hear more. Beautiful language, expressions and marvellous coining of rhyming phrases Hoping to read more and more. Respectful regards, Sarda Mohan

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Dr John Celes 28 August 2006

The Poet Simple Simon makes the biblical stories appear simply interesting, live and yet in simple poesy! Hope the world's children and adults too enjoy this simplistic depiction of the Word of God and profit spiritually!

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