Echoes Of Golden Dreams Poem by The Phoenix

Echoes Of Golden Dreams

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In dreams of golden hues, a boy did soar,
To lands unknown, where love forever poured.
A world of peace, where harmony held sway,
Where laughter danced and joy would never stray.

In this enchanting realm, where birds took flight,
Their songs caressed the day and kissed the night.
Dreamers dreamt and spun tales in endless rhyme,
As storytellers weaved their tales through time.

A world adorned with beaches, gleaming bright,
Where nature's beauty bathed in purest light.
Untouched, pristine, an environment unique,
Where gentle waves would softly kiss the cheek.

No pain did linger in this realm so fair,
No lost souls wandered, burdened by despair.
No wars, no violence marred the tranquil air,
For Mother Nature's love was everywhere.

In this oasis of serenity and grace,
The boy beheld a smile on every face.
He saw the unity of all that thrived,
As love and compassion forever survived.

Oh, how he wished this dream would never end,
To stay within this haven, forever to transcend.
But as the dream unfolded, slowly, it did fade,
Leaving echoes of a world that love had made.

Yet, deep within his heart, that dream still dwells,
A flame of hope, a tale that love foretells.
He carries it with him, in each step he takes,
A vision of a world where love awakes.

For in his dreams, he glimpsed a truth so grand,
A world of love, crafted by nature's hand.
And though the dream may fade, its essence stays,
A beacon guiding him through life's vast maze.

Sunday, May 21, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: dream,hope,nature
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