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Einsein's Magic - Poem by Lonnie Hicks

If I can by the weight of my mind
affect the frequencies between
you and I
and mere proximity
can gravitationally
bend light and the space between
you and I
each with smooth intents
then we each
exhibit Einstein.

If space and time bend
due to our mental fields
and our mutual gravities
then what we all suspect
was proven true
by the theory of general relativity.

Thus, everything by extension
is indeed connected to everything
because a ripple in the time-space
continuum passes all along the fabric
to it's furtherest corners.

But what is practicable from all of this;
what meanings can we draw?
Well, one is the possibility that if
we find a way to amplify the effect
upon the fabric from our individual
effects upon it-
our individual signatures so to speak-
we have just defined
the very definition of Magic.
To be clear:
If gravity
alters time and space
then the apple does not fall to the ground
the apple is pulled down by the time and space
surrounding it which get altered by the gravity of objects.
Humm, look at it this way:
Take a bed-sheet, put a marble in the middle
shift the bed-sheet and the marble moves because
you have altered the fabric of time space which the
bed-sheet represents.
Now think further:
You and I have a small amount of gravitational pull
as well thus, individually, we too alter time-space
albeit very slightly in this bedsheet world;
and thereby affect everything and each other.
From this is born Einsteinian magic
which is the ability to bend time-space
transmitted through frequencies which are
generated by motion and movement in the time-
space continuum.
I promise you all of this is true
and is the basis of all magic
mine Einsteins and yours..

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