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If I could take the world
into my world;
If I could be God-like
what would I do

Come closer;

I need to feel
your body

Dreamers dream
dreaming that
all their dreams are dreams;
and is reality then multiple-shaped

'I am the Winter Flower'
she said
'the opposite of the Summer Ones.'

Where does the river flow
if not to you?

How deep its depths

Strewn on the ground
were the nouns;
the gerunds
and the active verbs,

We are trapped
Beauty Eyed
in beholder's

I feel like a train sometimes
that can't get no locomotin.'

My wheels lumber

I have seen Passion Storm
and sweep away obstacles.

Did Romeo and Juliet's

My grandmother used to say
don't marry for money
but stay open-minded.

There is a single leaf flying
in this my autumn gloaming,
a leaf fluttering light
as if being orchestrated

If I can but see
those reaching arms before me,

feel flat against my chest

I am Violences' Victim
which scarred my soul
slammed it down
to earthly hell

The problem is metaphoric;
I live inside lines
which only approximate
but do not satisfy.

Oh, to be soul-kissed
the deep kiss;
mouth brushing past
parted lips.

In the Rotations
of the Universe

I don't want to wait until I'm dead
to tell people I love them.

Don't want to be deceased


First Love's Touch,
mutual gathering was only through them,
our Hands.

Two men in ragged clothing
sat beside the road
alert and on the hunt.
Each watched a different direction

I picked her up in the deep snow
hair piled to the side of her face,
snowflakes sparkles
sprinked there;

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The Best Poem Of Lonnie Hicks

All Power

If I could take the world
into my world;
If I could be God-like
what would I do
with my All-Power?

Would I make Peace
What of Poverty?

I could gather all riches
to my self,
make my friends powerful or rich
or both;
help my parents?

Ask for more Power?
Use my Power to
make more Power?

What would I do with
All Power to do Anything?

Would I ask for Love?
Force someone to Love
me too?

I don't like All-Power
as I think about it.

What would I choose?

Could I have a few powers?
One or two?
All at the same time?

But even so
I would be
the only one.
and maybe lonely?

But if I could
and the price is lonely
why wouldn't I?
To have that power
would get me back
where I am now

What good then

This will take
some thinking

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Myrtle Thomas 31 January 2009

I really liked your poem, I pictured your conscious saying no or yes.I think also we have to think twice and be ourself no matter what.Good job

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Lonnie Hicks Popularity

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