Babatunde Idowu Ebenezer

Elegy To The Fallen Yobe Students - Poem by Babatunde Idowu Ebenezer

I saw the cloud in the sky,
Hovering there for years like shadow,
Shadow of forgotten unspent tomorrow,
Long before the cascades of bullets.

I met the vultures on my way,
Swarming under the cloud like bees,
Bees of sour bitter taste honey,
Long before the sacrifices of throats.

I heard your cries in my dreams,
Piercing through the stillness of the night like arrow,
Arrow of uncelebrated divided nation,
Long before the dawn of your demise.

I imagine the light you could have lighted,
If darkness had not consumed your souls like night,
Night of journey from the bunk to the grave,
Long before your destinies were dissolved.

How did this young Iroko trees fall?
They fell to the cold arms of man made Tsunami,
That swept away their forest and habitat.

How could the sky turn this black?
It did because of the unquenchable smoke of burning carcasses,
Carcasses of human flesh.

Here is blood, here is meat!
Call the cannibals that prepared them to a feast.
A feast of unprecedented menu.

Their spirits will roam the forests,
And their blood will cry in the shadows of the nights.
Their undead souls and innocent spirits will cry,
Cry for revenge until they get one,
Until thunder of sorrow strike the house of their assailants,
And claim every breathing lungs,
Until rainfall of sadness fall on the roofs of their sponsors and soak every dry garments inside.

Go in peace dear sisters and brothers,
But never rest in peace,
Until the wicked will crawl on their knees and lick the soil like snails,
Until they taste the acidic taste of their dark deeds.

Go in peace but dare not to rest in peace.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, February 27, 2014

Poem Edited: Friday, March 7, 2014

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