Michael Pyatt

Emerging Butterfly - Poem by Michael Pyatt

Emerging butterfly

Emerging butterfly
Your little world grew too small
So you came outside into the real one
It's not come to you yet
So you need to fly to see
Spread those delicate wings
Go and take a look at things
Is it colder outside than you thought
Is it a place you could call home
Or would you rather stay under a rock
You little world grew too small
Your dreams aren't so small
If all you wanted to do was walk

Emerging butterfly
Do you smile when you hear
Someone else's good news
Or do you curse them and wishing it was yours
Everything for the taking
Everything yours for breaking
Emerging butterfly
You seem to delicate to touch
But really your much more
Is this world outside a joy to know
Or just another place to just live and die
Yes butterflies don't live for a long time
So fly fly fly to make the most of the time
Emerging butterfly
This can be cruel unless you break the rule
And rule with an iron fist yourself

Emerging butterfly
Is that a shot to the heart
Does your heart even beat at all
Something so small can be lost
The world is so big in your eyes
When we count once
You have to count twice
It's a sharp turn to the left
Then 180 to the right
That's how you live life
Born to die before you live
So little time to enjoy
Everything we know and caress
How do you feel at night
Knowing your end is in sight
For a year for us
Is a day for you
Emerging butterfly
Say hello before time passes you by

Poet's Notes about The Poem

It's about how short life is, wether its love, a new experience. We have to embrace and make the most of what ever little time we have.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, March 6, 2013

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