Sneha Murali

Emily - Poem by Sneha Murali

Emily was just a broken girl from a broken home
locked in the four walls of her catacomb
but she was an ordinary kid, with ordinary dreams and an ordinary IQ
she went to high school, nothing much was new
she had a crush on a boy named drake
she knew drake was the only one of her make
she often dreamed about him, often thought of running away with him
Emily's mom was a stay at home mom,
probably cos she was too drunk to handle a job
she loved Emily, more than her spiked up margaritas
more than her vodka and rum
she would do anything to be a perfect mum
Emily's dad was a crack-head who would never come home on time
who wasted away money on booze and drugs, every penny, every dime
they knew he was more effective in popping pills
while Emily and her mom struggled to pay the bills

once in a while he would come home
beat up her mom as cold as stone
walk away with some money and food,
while Emily picked up the pieces of her broken childhood
It was a night like any other,
Emily was in the room with her mother
they heard the footsteps and the knock on the door
''He's here Emily, go hide, he's here for more''
Emily slid into her bedroom, locked the doors and waited
this waiting was the one thing she truly hated
sure enough, her dad showed up, looking like a dead corpse dug up
''Where's the money, I know you have it''
Emily pressed her ears to the door just a bit
he'd been drugged and drunk, Emily's heart sunk
he wouldn't leave easy, Emily started to get queasy
''Get lost you b*stard, leave us alone,
come here again and I'll break all your bones''

Slap! came a sound, Emily's mom got hit and fell to the ground
Emily opened the door just a crack
her mother was getting beaten up by this quack
anger gripped her as her blood began to boil
she'd kill the maniac and bury him under the soil
Whack! another sound as she saw her dad hit her mom with a flower vase
blood trickled slowly from the side of her mom's face
''Stop it, stop it dad, don't do this no more''
Emily ran to get her mother lying cold on the floor
Whack! Emily was hit, she saw a bright light
everything around her went out of sight
she shook her head and got up, walked towards her room
and took a gun from beneath her bed.
she walked lopsidedly towards her dear dad, no she wasn't a bit sad
looked into his yellow eyes that suddenly locked into hers in surprise
she pointed and pulled the gun's trigger
and he fell down shouting and screaming like a devilish figure
two more shots, Emily blew his ugly brains out
no more, no more would her dear dead dad shout

she took two coats from the closet and grabbed the car keys
she lifted her mom with sudden muscular ease
with her mom lying wounded in the back seat,
Emily drove on knowing not where to go
maybe she and drake would get married someday
maybe they would have kids, perhaps they may
but she knew she'd be locked away, it would be a long stay
still she drove on, into the dusty roads
leading to only one destination - her final fate
why does she have to suffer?
because that's how it has always been for her
her name was Emily and her crime was wishing for a happy family

Copyright © 2010 by Sneha Murali

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, April 25, 2010

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