Emo Love Just For Me Poem by casandra carpenter

Emo Love Just For Me

I love you because
you listen
you care
you want to know
you can tell me
because you love me
your datting my friend
but you say you dont even like her
you break up with her
you say an older girl likes you
you ask me if i like you
i say why
then you tell me that you love me
you draw me pictures
we sure ur fav. songs
we datted before i know that he does
i wana date you but.........
your realy shy
like osme one else
so its not love because i love you
so i cut, cut, cut, cut, cut,
witth the blood on the floor surronding
me reminding of what i`ve done
but im proud alittle happier
now i can put on a happy face
pretend everythings okay
but i know its not
know the person i can always talk to bout this
is the reason
he wants to know
i dont want to tell
he use to but not now he got help
i dont want help
i need the rush i getgain and then some when i cut
so i cut, cut, cut, cut, cut, some more
who would care
i found quiker fast ways to cut but thats no fun
so i just take me knife and go
over, over, over, over, again and then some
so ill do this because i have no love
ryan i love you
please read this i need you too know

Cadsandra Carpenter 09 March 2012

this is all my old stuff from awhile ago check me out at cassandra carpenter,3

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