William Pryor

Rookie (January 29th,1945 / Farnborough, Hampshire, UK)

Ending - Poem by William Pryor

fending the ending,
pending, you wait
through your fate;
you queue for the bus
you pass
the lasting seconds

You're pending
nearly ending,
you fend for dear life
it's unavoidable
it's death again

you suffer
yes you do,
don't deny
you endure
taking the bus
the Santa Fanta fuss
to the emergency shopping centre

still you can't see;
so much mending
the offending,
outrageous outcome,
tear in the very fabric,
heart-wrench beauty.

just fending the ending,
pending snow
bending the bamboo
you sigh
Can my
love die?
the last stop,
bus terminus?
can I go round again?
is it a circle?
a straight line to the point?
do I amount
to a mere passing,
second-hand seconds,
bamboo bending
death again sending
an arranged funeral
of music
symphonies friends rejoice
the sweetest person is gone
sliding on black ice
salt of the earth
into oblivion

it's too late
to see who comes
to your funeral
it's yours

does love come in?
rending your reed pipe reasonable
broken trumpet longing
the ending
not death pending
but where love does
the bus goes,
no fuss

fuss no
does love
pending death
longing trumpet broken
reasonable pipe reed rending
income love

your funeral
your comes who see too late

oblivion into melting
earth of salt stumbling
ice black on sliding
gone is person sweetest
rejoice friends symphonies
music of funeral
sending death
bending bamboo
seconds second-hand,
passing mere
to amount I do point
the line straight?
circle again,
terminus bus?
last stop die love

bamboo the bending
snow pending
ending the fending
just ending,
beauty heart-wrench
rending fabric tear,
outcome outrageous,
offending the mending
much so can't you still;

centre shopping emergency
the fuss Fanta Santa
bus taking
do you,

again death
it's unavoidable it's
life dear for fend
ending nearly,

seconds lasting
pass you
bus queue you
fate you;
wait you pending,
off ending the fending,

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