Keith Hardeman

Rookie (June 7,1982 / Fort Worth, Texas)

Engaged In Eternal Nothing - Poem by Keith Hardeman

Engaged in eternal nothing
But nothing has since been evolved
So now my nothing is something
Back to the wall
Sprawled out gasping
Searching for my next breath
Never been a genius
Six bullets bad for your health
So here I lay, struggling to survive
Has my that moment come
Has fate arrived
Feet walked over then suddenly a pause
As time begin to slow, my maker clearing his mind
No more left to say just closed my eyes
I listen intently as his finger set back
Heard once more now a click clack
Fire from the barrel
Bullet travelig through space
I know whats now coming
My fate
I lay flat.....Frigid
Through air arrival soon yet coming
Pressure against my flesh, yet I felt nothing
Once last wince, one last sigh, now I tell you the tale of a man getting ready to die
Couldn't even scream no pain yet I can feel
The one thing I feel is a all over chill
One shot one kill thats all that it took
Almost to the end time to close this book
Hearing rapid footsteps in progression to me some did lead
The other set departing to the dark is where they fled
My head is now lifted
Man you bet not die, I can see in his eye
Placed my lips together, 'please don't cry'
The rain started to come, not a cloud in the sky
Next thinig I made out
WHY.... WHY.... WHY
My last words I made out before the world became deafening
Lord forgive me for my sins, I knew not of this end
As my last words spewed
In this world I begin to fade
No longer breathing oxygen white light lightens my face
Hello my son been waiting for you to come
Sorry I had to bring you home through the barrel of a gun
As you can see here you have no pain glad you made
Thanks for praising my name
But your time has not come just had to get you here to say
I made you special my word your meant to speak
But every time I call you
You turn your back on me
So I called you back for a moment
wanted you to hear
They will always talk but in me theres no fear
Speak my word they all will hear
And with that my eye became open
Medics pounding on my chest cutting me open
Saying he want make it, Im the only one knowing
As I lay on this table feeling stronger in my god
Do you have to go through the same
Before you raise to your feet and proclaim
Lord Im a believer

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, March 27, 2008

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