Keith Hardeman

Rookie (June 7,1982 / Fort Worth, Texas)

I Know Why Superman Died - Poem by Keith Hardeman

I know why Superman died, and to be honest he isn’t the one to blame. Drained but still undeterred weird a man with no fears put his life on hold for the worlds cares; and no one cared. Through all his struggles no one to trust, through all the fights no one to tell his fears. I know why Superman died, when inside is the only place to cry, so many tears but you forget how to let them flow. You want to tell someone but cant let the words go. I know, I know why Superman died. Walking around proud with the “S” on your chest, hearing from the little kids, “you’re the best”, while inside you feel no different from the rest. Living in a world as Clark Kent, no Louise Lane and no one stopped to figure why your in so much pain. I know why Superman died, just laid there no more fight in his body to be had. Just laid there and let the end begin. To the victor goes the spoils, but alone in solitude is where victory rules, and who of you or the few who knew or rather know how it feels to let your “S” go and just let life pass you by, forget about the past and never ask why. Not I, but I know why Superman died for I looked into his eye and saw the lost soul, inherit in all he had, but inside nothing more then a little boy said. But all they saw was this huge guy, that could fly. No one took the time to ask why. So like ice his heart froze. But now he’s dead and nobody cares. And there’s the reality of Superman, for his helping hand. No one ever tried to get to know the real man. Inside that died, at times cried. I know why Superman died, and it wasn’t do to no kryptonite not do to a evil doer nor any of the above. The reason Superman died, wasn’t do to anything you may have thought. Rather what you wasn’t taught. So minuscule in fact. You ever thought or wondered in fact. That behind the “S”, the large chest and impenetrable flesh was a man of flesh but a heart of gold. But when he tried to show it the world said “NO” its superman they want a savior to save. So the heart of gold spent all his days on comic page being a toon to your tune because we all assumed that Superman wasn’t nothing like you. When in fact he was, I know why Superman died. Because men don’t cry, so he kept it all inside swallowed his pride did what’s best for others. Even if it smothers what Superman wants, the does and dont’s. To this I say to all that may listen, I know why Superman died and I know why Superman came back. It was all for the love, it was for the love he fought and for the love that he died. But it was for the love of self that he walked with pride. Therefore, Superman can never die for this one last reason. For every superman that died and gave up the fight, along comes another willing to fight the good fight. Whether wrong or right, through the dark or light, let your Superman know you love him. Not for being super, but for simply being your MAN.

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