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Entanglement * 'spiritworld' Prose.Poetry.By Amandablueleigh 2010 - Poem by Amanda 'blue' Leigh

My body breathes sensation
Cell memories in my blood and bones
Tiny particles of dust floating
Worlds within worlds. reborn creation. knows me well

I Am Entangled in It

Here I Am
A container that receives
Looking up I ask. will you receive me?
It replies 'you are me and I am you and we are all together'

Love messages come
Angels. Seers. Ancestor. Sign posts. Number plates. Ring tones.
Moves me out of the way
So that One Day I may see the future. the past. the present.
A much larger picture through Their eyes

Entanglement Is Love

I am having my fill of it
Holy water. Golden joy juice
Flowing and Shooting down my spine
Spear of light
Anchoring and Awakening me
To stand center

Obedient Mother Earth
Grandmother. Sun Sisters. Brothers. Friends.
Wash your eyes with these waters
These new civilizations spread like honeycomb around us all
races across gender. borders. Generations. color

Our First Ancestor
The African woman bending down to tender the plant
A seed at our feet in time
We are giants made of brown earth. red sun green life. blue sky.
We are building new cities at the crossroads

New Life Force meetings. Healings. Teachings.
Transformations. Transmissions.
Confirming what our ancestors already knew.
We are arriving at the beginning as if we knew the place for the first time.

Energy flows through her smile
She throws her spirit fishing net over the ocean
Across the universe. mythical goddess Athena. Sophia.
She is riding the Dawn Horse

The Rising Waters of Life
braid of DNA.
web of Feeling
map of Territory
colored Numbers. family Patterns fastened to our Belief Systems
wired to our Suffering Relationships
most of us are slaves to ourselves anyway
paying down with our lives
all tangled up in prayer. illusion. securities. confusion
sold in main street markets
dying for our country
running from our country
working for our country
fighting for our country
finding ourselves doubting who we really are
ashamed of our Past.
At the root of it

Are We willing to just Allow?
Not to run away from it
Not to cower from it
Are We willing to stand in it?
Feel the BURN

Entangled in
a Radiant, beautiful being
full of Divine Light
unafraid of its violence
unafraid of its fear
unafraid of it's cruelty
unafraid of death

We think we see it. but do we really get it?

I keep looking for mother
She is hiding again
She needs to find soft places to fall
quiet places of peace away from mad men

Healer. Teacher. Mystic. Preacher.
Scientist. Biologist. Poet. Artist.
Astronomer. Leader.
Can hologram chambers really erase time?
Vortex crystals radiate messages in light and really talk to us?
Is reality really inside out?

Why do we need machines?
Man-made electric airwaves. strings and strings reflecting. colliding.
pouring through our skins. our brainwaves.
chaotic energy fields clashing.

Do we trust our scientists like we trust our politicians?
Derailed by our own sickness?
The sickness of beehive radio activity?
Not the kind that sings the kind that drives you crazy.

Do we really know more than the ancients?
Do we know how to move stone with sound?
How to capture temples of water. illuminating pools.
regenerate star power?
Beam All Knowing Source. Codes. Into our Systems.
Divine laws passed into the Cells of our Children?
Transmissions of the ‘real’ kind?
How did we separate from our Sacred Selves this way?
Loosing our connection with this earth?
Man from woman.
Woman from Source?

We used to be so Interwoven.
Entangled in each other

Now we stand apart
All sides separated
Looking through fears. through a mask.
We are our own jail keepers, our own betrayers
Slaves to the master we call free enterprise. Freedom.
What have we got when the fear doesn’t stop and we can't sleep?

Still. She remains in darkness repenting through centuries of weeping
and wailing,
Still. She lovingly cries out. please let me touch the longing please
say that you love me. please say that you know me.
One more time.

She was more afraid of her beauty
More afraid of her power to love.
That it may be greater than her heart
Greater than the hearts of those she cherishes most... could bear.

She looks through the looking glass
Seeing kaleidoscopes of colored wheels in motion
Knowing this image contains everything
All That Is
…but is also the place where she disappears.

'...singing... 'colored sound, spinning 'round hitting the sweet spot,
in dangerous times science, visions, dreams and god collide in the
black holes drop, new worlds pop and we see the bridge to the other side'

Mother! ! ! She is standing right here!
Her smile reawakened the whole earth
All the little children found play passionate and decided to stay in
the Garden!


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