Kieran J1996

Epic Love - Poem by Kieran J1996

You are my cure,
Urging me to heal,
Always by my bedside,
Praying in a kneel,

If only I could wake,
I'd do it just for you,
Forget all your lies,
And start life anew,

For it was you,
Who put me in this state,
While your heart wept,
Twisted with hate,

You caused the bruises,
Internal bleeding,
All because I found you,
Cheating and decieving,

Although it was you,
Caused me so much pain,
I know you would never,
Ever. Do it again,

Some would call me mad,
Others insane,
But I'd ignore it all,
The curses and the names,

If only you, for me,
Would promise to change,
Then I would know,
I'm not really so deranged,

For I gave you a chance,
And then another,
But you broke your promise,
I had to take cover,

This is what happens,
When you're in a rage,
You'll hit anything near,
No matter size nor age,

Whether old or even young,
Adult or child,
When you are drunk,
You're simply too wild,

I would have left,
So long ago,
But I loved you,
As you already know,

But now I cannot wake,
It's a fight I try to win,
Yet if you swear, promise me,
I won't let the darkness in,

I will fight ever more,
Try to wake,
As long as you swear,
Never let my heart break,

It's hard so hard,
Loving a violent drunk,
Who's mind is shrouded,
By poisonous gunk,

But I do,
And always will,
Even if it's like climbing,
An infinite hill,


You are my cure,
Urging me to heal,
Always by my bedside,
Praying in a kneel,

So I will try,
Just for you,
If only you would,
Start life anew,

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, August 31, 2010

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