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Read me and i'll tell you,
Of secrets hidden,
Dark things shrouded,
To the world forbidden,

A darkness envelops me,
Glowing as dark as the night,
All disappears,
Including the light,

You think your immune,
To the powers that be,
Those who say,
That you're meant for me,

I'm slipping back,
Into the madness of the night,
Where only thoughts,
Of death can reach me,

The night falls,
As though slain by the sun,
Entwined are we,
The salvation for which,

As I opened my wrists,
The pain was sweet,
A reminder of life,
Of which is true,

ok so, this poem is a joint poem by myself and a good friends Alicia. if you like this then check her out online as her work is amazing! ! ! hope u all like! !

Both Of Us:


When the sky is falling in,
And all hope is growing thin,
I will be ther for you,
For i love you, i truly do,

I breathe no more,
Not one gasp of air,
I've given up hope,
I no longer care,

so i need you,
you already know,
without your presence,
i get down so low,

Sucrees Chocolat,
J'adore Chocolat,

Listen to what,
Your heart says inside,
Whoever you are,
There's no need to hide,

I've lost you,
I knew as soon as I saw your eyes,
Its all my fault,
A love built on lies,

Listen to the rain,
If only it could,
Wash away the pain,
So that I may never,


Inspired by my good friend, Alexis

Why is life so unfair?
Why in life does nobody care?

This is a joint poem between me and a friend: Alex Rodriguez. She is a great poet and if you like this then have a look at her works also! ! ! ! A round of applause for Alexis! ! ! !

Death come and get me

The silence grows stronger,
No lips move,
No tongues speak,
We are forever cursed,

I fade unto the shadows,
Leaving behind so much,
So many caring faces,
But as much as they care,

people turn away,
because im gay,
the laugh and call names,
beacuse im not the same,

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Read me and i'll tell you,
Of secrets hidden,
Dark things shrouded,
To the world forbidden,

Regrets buried,
Under heart and stone,
Never told nor given away,
Forevermore, always unknown,

Carrying always,
The backbreaking shame,
Of troubles past,
With you to blame

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Silly Artist 07 June 2010

Hi. I've began writing new poems. After reading your poems i've realised that most poems are truthful and can each tell a story. Your poems have a way of reching eachothers soul. If they don't they're either silly or they're not paying attention to your poems. Keep up the work: P

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Celiene Watts 21 May 2010

I think that your work is amazing and you really should get them properly published. Btw, Klara and Hayleigh say hi :)

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