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Epiphanal Paradigm Shifts - Poem by Ayesha Shahid

Now and then I think, adhere
This rancorous world forever, here
All and sundry enters, parts
Pleasure is their goal, Alas!
Approach, perceive the lore of sole
Diminutive yearning, as a whole
Craved for something, never done
All the solidest wrangles, won
Then and there she was a mess
She learned to jerk off as the rest
She had a stature, very small
Not so scraggy, not so tall
Many peeved at her age
Couldn't they see their flawless gaffe?
Let's hear the lassies' melancholy strain;
Once a dream, fantasy indeed!
We sat beneath a merry tree
I handed my book of life to her
She withdrew something from her purse
With a pen, "Intent of I! " she wrote
I want you to keep me ever near
To you my life, I bestow
To me than soul, you are dear
"Please tell? I want to know."
Why so lifeless, you appear?
Thy always seem betrothed in you
Is something skewed? Do you hear?
Fantasy drained, all in vain
On my couch, I had lain
Ah! Said I, seeing it no more
I stroke my eyes, being sore
Once, waiting by my college gate
For van to come, like any other day
I heard a voice, calling out
A familiar sound! Who must be around?
"Get aside! Or shall I shout? "
O my love! Pleased to meet
A poem I wrote! A poem to thee
Please get back, I have to leave
My birthday's coming, Tuesday next week!
I opened, finally, my lips to speak
She left my heart, while I hoped
Words escaped, as I spoke
That she would keep me ever near
Our behavior may seem like they're strange
But that's just how, my friends have changed
Now we seem to rarely meet
Just a flash, cause you're never free
Strangers once more, strangers are we!
Every moment we spent, every second of glee
Those scars you left those marks so deep
Those words, you said, those tales you told
Those ambitions in our eyes, those fires in our souls
Now, by fate, we shall never meet
So all those memories are mine to keep
People may call me insane
But I am not the one to blame
A perfect start, a rainy end
How would ever my agonies mend?
The decision of mine is last, indeed!
A crush too, must have some needs
She's your fellow, who am I?
For all you care, you wish I'd die
The war of truth, insanity lies
The two of us, in a hall
May these memories break, or fall
All your pleas killed me, abhor
A former love, a love, no more
Perchance she deserved more to start
When all my wails, regarded, not
Say hello, wave goodbye
To the love that left you to die!

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