Sir T.A.E.P.S

Epiphany - Poem by Sir T.A.E.P.S

Looking outside I could only see the darkness approach
Looking into my life I could see my own reproach
So I thought by looking into her eyes I would see what I had
For in a moment it would all be lost.
Gone in a second, tossed away, laid to down like the dust on dry lands

I looked to my side one more time
I looked in to her eyes for the very last time.
All I wanted was to see was the beauty inside.
Life was her name, a gift I had
Life was her name, a jewel I took for granted
And there she was flashing before my eyes

I looked into my life and I saw a monster inside
With a gander, I saw the emptiness inside
A sea so great, a cup full to the brim, full of nothing but sweet delights
Delighted in a moment but never satisfied
Delights I deemed the light, pleasures that assured me treasures
But at the end of it all, just another foggy night
So misguided by another mirage in sight

I thought I was safe because I kept running
Running away from the pain and insecurities
I thought I was secure because I felt unassailable
Unassailable because every bottle I popped whispered me hope and every woman on my lap reassured me a magnate
I thought I was untroubled because I was able to grapple
Grapple onto shattered dreams, my own jigsaw that I kept in a box

They told me YOLO, guess I did it well
Lived each moment to the fullest, the best this world to offer
But still my life had no meaning; even the mirror called me a hopeless endeavour.
If this was my last what would be left of my legacy
Empty bottles? Blurry nights? Pretty women under covers?
Surely there had to be more to life
Wish I had seen a life worth living and dying for.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

If you had any last words what would they be? If a story of a man's car crash was read what would it mean to you? What if these were his last words? In your life what's there to look back on. Live life to the fullest but let the fullest mean something.
What does it gain a man to have the whole world and still lose his soul....Matthew 16 v 26

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, July 21, 2012

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